It is a fact that there are a lot of scammers in Shenzhen China

There are a lot of cheaters and scammers on the internet, it is time consuming and expensive for you to come to meet the suppliers in Shenzhen China, but you still want to do business with some suppliers in Shenzhen China. Which is the best platform for you to use? A lot of people choose Amazon and eBay, because you are sure that you will get your money back. The same story with Taobao, a lot of Chinese buyers think that they are guaranteed that they will get what they need, however, this is not the case. Scammers and cheaters have upgraded the way how they cheat people.

Here are my own stories, I am sharing my experience on buying a couple hard drive on Taobao.

On these websites like Taobao, eBay and Amazon, the prices need to be competitive otherwise there is no chance that they will get the business.

in December 2016, I found a cheat hard drive on Taobao for 180 RMB which is 26 USD, here is the link, normally it is 360 RMB which is twice as much ,see the link on Jingdong

Check the screenshot from Taobao VS Jingdong





So I was wondering and curious how they can sell it for half price, that was why I made a purchase just to see how I can get scammed and tell you the story, if I am lucky and I get an used hard drive that works, I can at least backup my Xiaomi camera (Xiaoyi surveillance camera) surveillance videos from 2015, these videos are no longer important to me.


When I received the this hard drive, I was surprised to see that enclosure is printed with a Samsung logo, the connector is a normal mini USB, but as you know for an external hard drive you need a USB 3.0 to a 10 pin flat micro USB type B like the following:

But what I got is a normal mini USB see picture below:

 This kind of cable is very slow and yet you need to install special driver on your computer before you are able to use it.

When I used some program to scan and check the hard drive, there are not just used but also there are some bad sectors. I need to fix and block the bad sectors before I can use it for non important files. It is not recommended to store some important data on such a hard drive, anyway, for a half price, how much would you expect? I don’t even want to waste my time to make a complaint on Taobao, and the process to return it to the seller is also time consuming.


Why do they want to scam me like that?


In fact, when I compare the price difference, I knew that I could get scammed but I just needed to try to see how I could get scammed, and it was not a lot of money, it is worth it to get the experience and share with you guys.

If you are offering something that is 360 RMB or even 300 RMB for a portable hard drive on Taobao, you will probably never get a sale or even an inquiry. The price on Taobao is very transparent, it is very difficult to make a profit if you don’t scam people.

So how can we survive if we don’t scam people? 

Taobao or Alibaba, or Aliexpress, they are the same company, they make so much money as a platform, the sellers need to make a lot of advertising fee to Taobao, and there is also a deposit needed for Taobao and an expensive annual fee on As a seller in Shenzhen to overseas customers, in fact, we call them “clients”, we hope to get a long time business relationship so that we don’t need to pay a lot of advertising fee. We don’t work with short time customers because we can’t afford to do advertising and keep changing our customer database, it is also a lot of work and it takes so much time before we know each other. And also we are building a platform on our own so that the purchasing experience is so much better and it is easy for us to keep track of what we do for our customers, please be patient and wait for our “tool” which is our ERP system.


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