Big News About Huaqiangbei

Huaqiangbei is also written in Huaqiang North.

It has been an area where so many electronics markets are located.

Now it is transforming to a special tourist place. Why?


Where do we get this news?

From the official website of Futian government.

It says that the local government of Huaqiang Bei, as well as the tourism administration of Shenzhen and Economic Development department of Futian District, want to change it to a national AAA tourist attraction which is the only national tourist attraction (scenic spots) in Futian District.


Huaqiangbei is a big name in Shenzhen, when tourist guys are talking about Shenzhen, Huaqiangbei is a name that is mentioned a lot of times, that is one of the reasons why they want to put it as a tourist place.


Shenzhen is considered to be the “China Silicone Valley”, a lot of electronic companies are set up here, in the past the online trading was still not so popular, the factories of these phones and gadgets need to sell, and Huaqiangbei is an important place for them to sell their products, but nowadays, people are used to shop online, they don’t need to come to Huaqiangbei to buy their gadgets, so the markets are shrinking, and the rent of the booths are getting cheaper and cheaper.


Is it possible for Huaqiang Bei to be a place to attract tourists to come?

The street of Huaqiang Bei had been under construction of subway stations for the last 3 years, and it is re-opened again, it is much nicer than before.

Take a quick look of Huaqiang Noth Street.



Why do I want to go to Huaqiang Bei?


A lot of Chinese people are searching their items online, however, before they make a purchase decision, they want to see and feel the item. So still they want to come to Huaqiang Bei even if they don’t want to buy but they just need to feel it. There are so many exhibition booths and shop here that demonstrate the items they sell, when people go home they buy online, because this is becoming a showroom only, you still buy online.

After that, there are a lof of shopping mall for consumers behind the Huaqiang North street, there are shopping malls like 9 Squre, Maoye, and so on. Many years ago, people go to the shopping mall to get their grocery, but nowadays they go to the shopping mall for food and entertainment, as well as healthcare, education, and movie theater.


Restaurants are everywhere, there are thousands of small and huge restaurants here near Huaqiang Street, different types of restaurants from different provinces of China and different countries all over the world for different taste flavor of different people.


Traffic is easy here, more and more new office and shopping mall buildings are built and being built here, plenty of parking space for you, but still you want to take the metro to get there because they are 4 subways line passing this small street, 4 metro stations are here too, it is very convenient to get here by subway.



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