Map of Huaqiang North

As you know, you can easily find the map of Huaqiang North on Google Maps or Baidu Map.

However, Google Services are blocked in China, it is difficult for you to access and Baidu Map is only in Chinese, you don’t probably know Chinese Characters very well.

And what’s more, both Google Maps and Baidu map don’t tell you where the markets are. Only the names of the building and Advertising places are shown on Google Maps and Baidu map.

Here we create a map that shows you what markets are available in Huaqiang North, and where exactly they are. We will soon put the link on each market to tell you what product you can buy.

If you have any suggestion or if you need us to add something on the map, or if you want to follow our update on the map, please put your email address on our newsletter sign up form.

You can use your phone to access this map on a browser as well, and click the icon on the bottom left to see your current exact location.

To get a full-screen map click this link


4 Replies to “Map of Huaqiang North”

  1. Is this the navigation system that you create for foreigners to explore the secret of Huaqiangbei markets and find opportunities to establish direct relationship with the factory outlets? Anyway, thank you for your good work and we look forward to your update with more information for every market.

  2. I can tell that this is the latest map.
    Because there are some new markets on the map, they are Zhonggang Communication Market and Longzhu Communication Market, one is for spare parts, another is for used Chinese phones with a brand of Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo and etc.

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