Why the mining machines and graphic card become so expensive now.

As you know Bitcoin price has been increased rapidly, that means in a short period of time, a lot more people jump into this business to push the price so high, in the same time, the cost to Generate a bitcoin is supposed to be more, that is why a lot of people start to buy computing resources to get bitcoin, as you know the manufacturing cost to produce a graphic card can only be cheaper and cheaper, but since the demand is so high, the manufacturers want to increase the prices to have more profit and yet the production is fully booked because they receive a lot of orders in advance already, and they can’t just open a new production line immediately because there are some critical parts that need high tech equipment which is very expensive and it takes some time to build up such equipment, the manufacturers need to see a potential continuous growth of demands before they decide to increase production capability. Therefore whoever got the stocks will decide the prices in the next 2 months because the manufacturer production line is already booked for the next 2 months. So where are the stocks? SEG e-market is one of the marketplaces in Shenzhen that handle the stock selling and buying. Some big wholesalers are selling the stocks little by little so as to maintain the prices or increase the prices. In the same time they will monitor the situation on the production side, if they see that it’s easy to get stocks from the manufacturers they will reduce the prices to sell more into the market and the prices will go down.

So if you want to get a reasonable price you will just need to wait a little longer. In fact, this is the same idea and situation as the new iPhone model release. If thw wholesalers know that Apple doesn’t have a lot of stocks available when they release new model, the wholesalers will buy all the stocks in Apple shops, they buy new phones from the individuals who are able to get phones from Apple one piece by one piece and sell in the high prices to the people who can afford and will buy. 



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