Kingii Wearable Saves you from Drowning by its inflatable airbag

I believe that the original design is from Kingii, but right now in the markets of Shenzhen gadgets, these floatation devices for swimmers are available to purchase.


When you compare the prices on Amazon, you will find that it is from 50 to 80 USD but in the market it is only 15 USD in cost.


This is very important for swimming beginners to wear it like a wristband, when you are in touble, you can just activate it and the gasbag will inflat and you will float up and be rescured by yourself.


The problem with this device is that it is almost impossible to ship the cartridge that have CO2






You can also see how it works from a Youtube video


3D VR Virtual Reality Headset 3D Glasses For 3D Movies and Gamesi for Phone Samsung Moto LG Nexus HTC(With manual+Clear Cloth)

  • Revolutionary tech: Turn your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer. You can experience the immersive, fun and exciting world of VR. Built with high quality ABS and 42mm diameter spherical resin lens material, it can minimize the distortion when magnifying the images and providing wider view.
  • T-shaped headband: This adjustable T-shaped strap is made of lightweight material, which can decrease the pressure around your eyes and on your head, providing you more comfortable feeling. This Flexible and adjustable headband is suitable for different people.
  • Amazing design: It is perfect for people with myopia under 600 degrees. You can get free from your glasses while enjoy the 3D movies or games with the virtual reality glasses, bringing you better experience.
  • Adjustable pupil distance and object distance: It is designed to satisfy different groups of people. You can slightly adjust the position of the spherical resin lens through moving the button on the top of the 3D VR GLASSES so as to get a better experience of watching movies. You can get a viewing angle of between 95 to 100 degrees/ FOV.
  • Fit for: iPhone, Android phones and Windows phones series with screen size between 7-6.0 inches. More than 300 virtual reality apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for you download to enjoy shocking 3D effect.

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Blu-Ray/ DVD box

Here a a true manufacturer that produces and sells blank disc with customized printing and packaging.




Dual disc in one package.

Dimensions: 170mm*135mm*10mm

The weight for a package of 100 units is around 6 KG.

Single disc in a package 172 X 135 X 7MM, 40 grams

200 units in a carton for 8 KG




This manufacturer also helps you burn your data onto the disc and make your own printing on the disc.

All you need for a disc, please let us know, we will try to find a solution for you.

More informaiton, please visit

Hotsales cellphone case in USA/EU, cheap source in shenzhen, China.

What is the best sellers smart phone cover in USA/EU?

How to source these cellphone case/covers in Shenzhen? And how to make purchasing?

It’s has to be the same as those hot sales in USA, EU(or other countries) so that we could resell them easily;

It’s has to be cheaper so as to make good profit out of it;

It’s has to be easy for us to make purchasing, you know, cellphone cover is more than thousands of different kinds, and normally, one supplier is possibly only has less than 1 case that is hotsale, which makes it difficult to make purchasement.

So you may wonder, Is it possible to purchase from 1 supplier for all the cell phone cases that are hotsale/marketable in USA/EU, in the same quality but cheap price?

Actually, not everyone can do it. How to make a difference?

Before getting straight to the point, let me show to a rough idea about what’s hot sale product in USA:


10 10-

7 7-1

3 3-s3

5 5-nokia

6 6-

It’s Fantastic, you know, it’s an explosion, the best sell on Amazon in USA!

What if you could purchase from Shenzhen for all the popular item(in USA) and resell in USA, or in Germany, France, UK, India, Korean, Japan?  It’s marketable item and we don’t need to worry about sales. Just think about it!

2 in 1 USB & Lightning, Data & Charging Cable for iPhone and Android Phone is more and more Popular in Shenzhen China

This cable is made of environmentally PVC+PC material, it has a good feeling, very strong and reliable.

It has a fashionable design just like noodles, the joint part from soft cable to hard plastic connector is also very strong, many colors are also available, every detail is carefully designed to create the perfect quality for your best experience.

It can charge your iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, iPad 4, iPod or Android phones such as Samsung that has a Micro USB port.

More and more people like to use this kind of cable ,not only because it has a good quality and fashion style but also its charging speed.

Welcome to Shenzhen to order this cable.

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How to choose A good iPhone Screen Tempered Glass/Screen protector?

Speaking of iPhone/Samsung screen Tempered Glass, many friends are still using screen film or even no films at all. How could that possible? A New iPhone 6 cost at least 800USD, if dropped and brokend, repairing your LCD would cost 100USD or maybe more. However, you just need to pay 3~5 dollars to put an iPhone tempered glass, 3~5 times stronger than normal glass, 0.3mm or even just 0.15mm thickness to anti-broken LCD, anti-dropping, and anti-scratch temper glass…

However, choosing a good tempered glass is not easy, there’s so many different kinds of so-called “tempered glass”, some of them is not tempered at all, some is not good quality and easily broken if dropped or scratched. Therefore, I am writing this article to share what is a good iPhone/Samsung Screen Tempered Glass:



1.Is it Tempered?

Pls do not choose tempered glass less than 1.8USD, some supplier would sell you the so-called “tempered glass” with cheapest price, which is not tempered at all, or less tempered, it may be just normal glass or bad quality tempered glass, but you couldn’t tell by your eye. Once your customer drops it, it breaks and you would lose your reputation for good.


2.Is it anti-scratch, anti-hitting?

To test a screen tempered glass, you don’t need to drop your iPhone. A good quality tempered glass should be anti-scracth and anti-hitting. Just putting a tempered glass on the floor, using a knife to scracth it and there’s no scratch on it; then hitting it hard with a hammer. If it was hard enough, the glass would be broken and still connected together, which means no matter how hard your iPhone drops, it could also protect your screen well.



3.Flexibility and structure.

Just bend it, and you’ll find that it’s easily get broken. Don’t worry about it, it happens no matter how good quality the tempered glass is, glass is glass, However, the bad quality tempered glass would break and looks more like pieces by pieces as shown by right picture, while a good quality tempered glass breaks and looks like net, you can find so many lines no it, which means better structure to anti-breaks.



4.Thickness, safe edge and anti-finger print.

The less thickness, the better craft, and more expensive as well because you need to remain it strong with less material, and client would always love a slim screen protector. Also if the edge of tempered glass is round, it could avoid scuffing your fingers, which is very important for using a iPhone. Anti-finger print is easily understanding as well, leaving finger printing is very confuing, and a good tempered glass could avoid that.

That’s what a good tempered glass is, but it doesn’t mean expensive. A good tempered glass means better quality, better protection and reputation which just cost around 2~3 USD.

We’re working with a large factory of iPhone/Samsung screen tempered glass/ in Shenzhen, China, if you got interest, pls leave a comment.

Why it’s good business to import Smartphone Spare Parts from Shenzhen(China) and resell in your country?

Let’s start with a client’s case:

One of our EU clients found that it’s expensive to buy cell phone(iPhone/Samsung) interior spart parts in EU, but less competition. As a businessman, he figured out the price gap between EU and China and found it would be potential business to import/sourcing from China and resell on Amazon/Ebay/Alibaba in Germany.

There comes the problem: How to purchase/buy from China? you know, cell phone spart parts/component is quite professional item, it takes a lot of time to start the business: study  the product, sourcing suppliers and make the purchase. Huaqiangbei electronics market is the biggest electronics market in China, where all kinds of mobilephone spart parts are available, such as LCD, glass panel, touch screen, frame(sometimes LCD, glass and touch screen are together), flex cable, camera, home button, backcover, motherboard, battery, charging connector, and so on.

However, the toughest problem comes: there’s so many kinds of spart part, and price keeps changing. As a beginner, it would be hugh risk to do normal trading since there’s always a MOQ from Chinese factory or Trading company, and if you got a lot of stock, it would depreciate as well…

But he is smart man to Google and solve everything. He found a local friend in Huaqiangbei electronics market, Shenzhen, China. Huaqiangbei is the largest electronics market in China, where all kinds of mobile phone accessory/component are supplied with wholesale price, all in stock, no MOQ, no leadtime, it’s possible to get your goods within 7days after payment. At which he told his friend to source the products, deal with all suppliers, shipping everything together that he ordered and keep him updated the market info and price.

Here’s the price gap between Retail in Germany, Retail in China and wholesale in Huaqiangbei Market, from which our eu client does the business and make large profit:

1.-iPhone5s LCD original:

Picture A—sells on, retail price is 57.36USD

Picture B—sells on, retail price is 93.69USD

Wholesale price in Huaqiangbei electronics market(Shenzhen, China) is just 33.15USD




2-iPhone5s Home flex cable original:

Picture C—sells on, retail price is 5.73~9.83USD,

Picture D—sells on, retail price is 16.23~19.36USD,

Wholesale price in Huaqiangbei electronics market(Shenzhen, China) is just 4.09USD;

C.flex cable3

flex cable


3-iPhone5s Battery original:

Picture E—sells on, retail price is 18.85~19.34USD

Picture F—sells on, retail price is 18.75USD( lack of info on Amazon)

Wholesale price in Huaqiangbei electronics market(Shenzhen, China) is just 3.28USD



So how to sourcing from Shenzhen and resell on Amazon/Ebay/Online/Retails shop in your country?

Firstly, there’s quite a price gap and good profit;

Secondly, efficiency is very important, you need a trustworthy partners who knows well about the market, could help to find supplier with good price and quality, could quote you within 1 day, sourcing within 2 or 3 days  and shipping to your country within 1 week So that you can quickly sell it on line or at your local shop; If there were anything quality problem, your partner could negotiate with them and provide solutions.

Thirdly, start with small purchasing. You can test the market step by step so as to tell which is more marketable and avoid any quality problem.

Finally, safety. There’s lot of scammers, as a foreigner, it’s very difficult for you to tell them, but your Chinese partner could tell them easily.

So How to find a trustworthy partner in China?

We could be your reliable friend. As 1-stop sourcing service company in Shenzhen, We could be your hands and eye to help you sourcing, interpreting and shipping all your goods.  If there were anything I can help, pls let me know, thanks.

What is the difference between the glass and the screen for a smart phone

As you know that there are 3 main parts for the screen of a smart phone, one is a LCD which shows you all the pictures and videos, on top of the LCD, there is a digitizer which is also called touchsreen, a digitizer is more like a mouse for the computer, you can use it to click, zoom in & out, slide, and so on, however, this digitizer is a special material that is soft and not waterproof, and easy to get scratches, so there would some a glass to cover it, we call this top glass, and some people call it cover lens, since iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3, the LCD and digitizer are made as a part that is not easy to separate them, then the top glass is laminated onto the LCD/digitizer with an Optical Clear Adhesive using a machine. We sold this kind of machines last year, as well as OCA(Optical Clear Adhesive) and top glass.

The tempered glass I mentioned was an accessory, it is not a part of a cell phone, people liked to put a screen protector (also called screen guard.) but it is just a plastic film, a plastic film is very easy to get scratched and dirt, so you need to replace it very often, nowadays a piece of tempered glass is very cheap because so many people are producing it so the cost is much lower now, the price of a tempered glass now is 1/3 of the price 2 years ago, it’s very affordable so people will choose a tempered glass rather than a screen guard. A good tempered glass is supposed to be very hard on the surface so a knife will not create a scratch on it, and there should be some special coating on it so a finger print will not easily leave on the glass unless your finger is too dirty, and a good tempered glass is not easy to break when you drop your phone, in case you drop it very hard, it breaks but the screen of your phone is supposed to be good, and the tempered glass is broken with many lines and all these small pieces are stay together so it won’t hurt anybody.

There is also a hot selling item, some people call it selfie stick, it is a extensible stick with a cell phone holder on one end, and a bluetooth shutter on the other end, a new version of a selfie stick does not require a bluetooth shutter, it is just a long cable that is connected to your audio jack of your cell phone on one end and a button on the other end.

Cell phone accessory sourcing in Shenzhen

Cell phone accessory market becomes bigger and bigger, as smart phone develops. More and more people do the business about cell phone, cell phone accessories, cell phone refurbishing and repairing.

Do you also notice the big potential of this business? Are you selling this kind of products too?

There are so many kinds of cell phone accessories you may be interested in, such as: screen protector, cell phone case, charging cable, charger, earphone, memory card and so on. There are also many kinds of digital products which you may be interested in too, they are power bank, speaker, monopod, USB disk, etc.

1 QQ截图20141031153528 QQ截图20141031153603 QQ截图20141031153618

Maybe you want to import this kind of products from Shenzhen and sell in your country to make big profit, but it may take you a lot of time to look for a good, reliable supplier; it may cost much shipping fee if you buy from many suppliers and they ship the goods individually; sometimes you can’t guarantee the delivery time and it will take a long time for you to get, …

Who are we? And what can we do for you?

Our company is located in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China. We provide interpreting, sourcing and shipping service.

Interpreting service:

We can provide interpreting service, guide you to the market, and help you find the supplier you need. We can be your assistant if you want to visit factory, and give you advice.

Sourcing service:

We know the electronic market well. So we can find the products you need quickly. If you want to find something, we can help you do the sourcing. We can also connect your suppliers in China, and purchase for you.

Shipping service:

If you have many suppliers in China, it will be a good choice if you ship your products at a time instead of separately. It will save you shipping cost. We are doing these kind of job, so we know shipping well. We can help you choose a good way to ship and save your shipping cost. Packing of the products is also very important. We also focus on packing too in order to reduce the damage during shipping. So you can get your stuff in a piece.

I appreciate you visit my website. If you are interested in my service, or the business in Shenzhen, China, you can leave a message and tell me. Then we can talk about the cooperation way.

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Shenzhen is recycling your iPhone, Samsung LCD!

Are you a mobile phone repairer? Are you doing the business of recycling iPhone LCD and Samsung LCD? Do you know Shenzhen is recycling your iPhone and Samsung LCD?

Today I would like to share my idea with you about recycling business in Huaqiangbei electronic market, Shenzhen, China.

Recycling and refurbishing business for broken iPhone and Samsung display is hot in Huaqiangbei now. If you have tons of broken display but perfect LCD, you can sell to us and make a lot of money.


Broken glass but perfect LCD, there are not dots, lines, spots, can’t be discoloring, imperfect or even broken. Especially for iPhone and Samsung model, such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, Samsung S3, Samsung S4, Samsung S5, etc.

Good price:

If your LCD is perfect, we can sell them to the recycling market and pay you a good price. Price will change, please contact me for the latest price!


Since we require perfect LCD, please have them tested before shipping to us. Perfect LCD can sell a good price, but imperfect ones will be very, very cheap, or even can’t be sold.

Packing and shipping:

Please take more attention on packing and shipping of the LCD you are going to ship. It’s a very important issue. LCD is very fragile and easily to damage during internation shipping.

My name is York Lin, I appreciate that visit my website. I can help you do business in Shenzhen. If you are interested in this kind of business, or you are a phone repairer, please contact me!Leave a message is fine.