The best place in Shenzhen for 3D printing

If you ever come to Huaqiang Bei Shenzhen, you will see a lot of electronics markets. And a lot of the markets are built just for the makers like you who design things, build gadgets, and so on. However, from my obversation over the last 10 years, I can see that this business for the parts and components is dying from Huaqiang Bei, it does not mean that there are less and less makers, in fact, there are more and more makers that come to Shenzhen, but a lot of them are just buying parts from,

Since 2013, more and more 3D printers come to the market, some of them build nice shop in new Huaqiang Markets, and they show you what they can print.


The picture above show you what a 3D printer can do, print a bra.

For overseas makers, you want to see what is available and you can grab the parts right away and go back to your hotel or office for testing to verify your idea or to test the parts and if the parts are not good you can just go back to get a replace one, however if you get the parts online, you need to wait, it might be a little cheaper on Taobao but you will waste your time on the developping process.




Here is an interesting video that you might like on Youtube.


Do you want to refurbish your Samsung good LCD with broken glass, such as S3/S4/S5/S6/S7/ S6 edge/S7 edge/ note 3/note 4/note 5 and so on

Dear friend, if you have a lot of Samsung good LCD’s with broken glass, such as Samsung S3/S4/S5/S6/S7/ S6 edge/S7 edge/ note 3/note 4/note 5 and so on, you do not want to sell them at a cheap price and want to refurbish them, you can contact with me, we can offer this service to you.


There are many guys who can refurbish Samsung LCD’s in Shenzhen, China. Even though your Samsung LCD’s have touch problem or display problem or flex cable problem, some of them also can be fixed .


The cost of the refurbishing Samsung LCD in Shenzhen is cheaper than other countries, and the quality of LCD after refurbishing is also the best. We will test these refurbished LCD’s one by one after refurbishing, so do not worry about the quality problem.


Many of our clients who come from overseas usually bring Samsung good LCD with broken glass to us for refurbishing, we have been serving our clients in this business for a long time.


Maybe you want to ask me how to send the Samsung LCD’s to us? How much refurbishing cost? Payment method? Shipping method?


When you contact me, I will answer all of questions you asked.


When we get your LCD’s, we will test them,and make a report, and send it to you, then you will know how many pcs are good and bad. We usually finish them with 2-3 days, the time that mainly depends on the quantity you sent.


If you are interested in it, don’t hesitate to contact me.


My email:



Jack Chen

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Xiaomi products are getting more and more popular in oversea market

More and more clients from overseas come to China to buy Xiaomi phones and Xiaomi smart products, because the price of these products are cheap and quality is good, Xiaomi products get more and more popular in overseas market.


We can offer the following items from Xiaomi.


Xiaomi Phone: Xiaomi Max, Xiaomi Mi5, Xiaomi 4S, Xiaomi 4C,Redmi 3, Redmi 3S, Redmi note3, Redmi note3 pro, Xiaomi Note, Xiaomi Mi4.


Xiaomi Power bank: Xiaomi Power bank 10000mAh,,Xiaomi Power bank 16000mAh ,Xiaomi Power bank 20000mAh, Xiaomi Power bank Pro 10000mAh,Xiaomi Power bank 5000mAh


Xiaomi earphone,headset and speaker: Xiaomi Piston Iron Dual Headphone,Xiaomi HiFi Headset,Xiaomi wireless bluetooth Headset, Xiaomi Piston Earphone Basic Version, Xiaomi Piston Air Capsule,Xiaomi bluetooth 4.0 Portable cube spearker,Xiaomi Mini Portalbe bluetooth speaker,X iaomi Mini Portalbe bluetooth speaker 2.


Xiaomi smart products:Xiaomi Smart scale weight, Xiaomi bluetooth game controller,Xiaomi band with Pulse sensor 1S,Xiaomi band(new edition 1A), Xiaomi band 2, Xiaomi Yeelight bedside lamp,Xiaomi Yi smart camera, Xiaomi Yi smart camera(Night version),Xiaomi Yi smart car DVR, Xiaomi bluetooth selfie sticker, Xiaomi Drone ,Xiaomi Yi sport action camera 2 and so on.


Dear friend, if you are interested ,we can give you a competitive price, don’t hesitate to contact us.


My email:


Please leave a comment here if you want to get in touch with me, we can communicate with mobile APP such as WeChat or Whatsapp later.

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If the cracked iPhone 6G/6+/6S/6S+ LCD’s have touch problem and flex cable problem or just can display black background, they also can be sold a good price in China

Do you know that If the cracked iPhone 6G/6+/6S/6S+ LCD’s have touch problem and flex cable problem or just can display black background, they also can be sold a good price in China?


Many people who do the business about repairing iPhone, just know that if the cracked iPhone 6G/6+/6S/6S+LCD’s can work well, then it can be sold for a good price in China, but if the cracked iPhone 6G/6+/6S/6S+ LCD’s have touch problem and flex cable problem or just can display black background, this kind of cracked iPhone 6G/6+/6s/6s+ LCD will be not valued because nobody want to buy it, so they usually throw it away like rubbish. If you usually do this, that means you have lost a lot of money. From now on you will start to keep this kind of LCD after reading my article.


In China there are some people who collect this kind of LCD, then they will check internal screen glass and the IC one by one to make sure it is good, if it is good, they can replace the flex cable and glass of the screen as a new one, this kind of LCD, we call it as copy one, then the copy one can be sold for a good price in the market.


If the cracked iPhone 6G/6+/6S/6S+ LCD’s have touch problem and flex cable problem or just can display black background, this kind of LCD, not every piece is good. The buyer will take off the backlight one by one and check the internal screen glass to see if it is cracked inside, as long as there is a little crack on the internal screen,this LCD is damaged completely,it has no value.


According to the buyer who have rich experience:


Flex cable problem: 60% of them are good.


Touch problem: 40-50%f them are good.



Display black background: 40-50% of them are good.


If you have this kind of LCD in a big quantity, you can contact me, I will let you know the price. Welcome to send me an inquiry.


Chinese copy iPhone 5G/5S/5C LCD becomes more and more popular in Shenzhen market

February 26, 2016


iPhone 5G/5S/5C LCD made in China is becoming more and more popular in Shenzhen market


Maybe you have some doubts about the Phone 5G/5S/5C LCD made in China.


Many clients overseas who do business about repairing iPhone only know that there are copy iPhone 5G/5S/5C LCD and OEM iPhone 5G/5S/5C LCD that are sold in the market, and they know that no matter how to assemble the copy LCD, the screen of the copy one must be the original, but they do not know there is one kind of new copy iPhone 5G/5S/5C LCD is sold in the market, because all of material(include screen) of this new copy iPhone 5G/5S/5C are completely made by Chinese , so I call this kind of the LCD as Chinese iPhone LCD .


Because the price for the Chinese iPhone LCD for iPhone 5G/5S/5C are cheaper than other copy ones and OEM LCD, and the quality of the Chinese iPhone LCD for iPhone 5G/5S/5C is good based on the market’s feedback, it is becoming hotter, more and more popular in the Shenzhen market.


Please check the following pricse for different quality LCD in the market.


OEM (iPhone5G/5S/5C): It is very short,so the price is very high, around 400RMB.


Refurbished one(iPhone5G/5S/5C, original LCD with copy glass):around 330RMB.


Copy one(iPhone5G/5S/5C): around 270RMB.


Chinese iPhone LCD(iPhone5G/5S/5C made in China): around 230RMB.


Dear friend,you can make an comparison for them, you will know which quality is suit for you.If you are interested in the Chinese iPhone LCD for iPhone 5G/5S/5C and have some questions, you can email me, I will reply you ASAP.



5S 5G 5C

The Prices For iPhone Good LCD with broken glass have been raising recently

Jack Chen,2015-10-28


Recently, because the new LCD’s for iPhone 5G/5S/5C/6G/6+ are short in the market, the prices for iPhone LCD have been rising, meanwhile the Prices for iPhone broken LCD (good LCD with broken glass) have been rising as well.

If you have a lot of iPhone broken LCD’s(good LCD with broken glass), please contact me. please take a look at the picture below, you will know the latest price for iPhone good LCD’s with broken glass.



Blu-Ray/ DVD box

Here a a true manufacturer that produces and sells blank disc with customized printing and packaging.




Dual disc in one package.

Dimensions: 170mm*135mm*10mm

The weight for a package of 100 units is around 6 KG.

Single disc in a package 172 X 135 X 7MM, 40 grams

200 units in a carton for 8 KG




This manufacturer also helps you burn your data onto the disc and make your own printing on the disc.

All you need for a disc, please let us know, we will try to find a solution for you.

More informaiton, please visit

Product Introduction

About us:

We are a phone accessories export company, the major products we supplied areoriginal replacement of phone screens, batteries, cover cases, chargers, memory cards, either original or copy(according to clients’ requirement), such as brands of Apple, Sum sung, Blackberry, HTC, etc. For instant, antennas, flex cables, battery housing, buttons, SIM lots, speakers, cameras are all provided.

We take the principle of clients first. At present, we’re providing a variety of products to all over the world. Our clients are from different countries, some of these countries are USA, UK, Greece, Germany, African countries. In the meantime, under the market research, more and more products are supplied by our company involved computer components, smartphones. As you know, phone is one of the necessary parts in our daily life. We can use it for communication, watching videos, taking photos, surfing the Internet.

Compared with other companies, we’re more professional and our products are high quality that all will be tested before being shipped out, though we’ll ensure the quality, however, our prices are low, also we have some discount based on the quantities. You can replace them in your phones easily and we’ll provide the online services if you don’t know how to replace them, however, it’s convenient and easy.

Product Presentation:

Here I show some pictures of our products.

Phone screens:

For iPhone 5S



Remark: The above pictures show a full screen, we called it screen assembly, contains touch and LCD screen. The appearance of screens for iPhone 5,5C and 5S is almost the same, but in fact, there’s a little difference among them, here I’m showing a picture to distinguish them.


We can see the obvious difference in the picture, and it shows the difference at the flex cable area exactly.

Phone earpiece:

For iPhone 5S


Remark: It’s a separate part in phone, you can just insert it in your iPhone 5S, do not need to connect with other parts, easily to replace it.



Remark: There’s variety of batteries in the market, every manufacture has its own model number, such as Sony, Apple, etc.

To Clients (FAQ)

Q: How we know your products are well condition?

A: Firstly, you can place a sample order to check the quality, once they’re tested well, you can place more orders, and we’ll ship them according to your requirements.

Q: Can you find another more kinds of products except phone accessories?

A: Yes, of course. When you need other products, just contact us by email or phone call to show the pictures, detailed descriptions, requirements, and then we’ll find them if it possible, then we’ll feedback to you. Almost all our clients credited us back 5 positive feedback for our superior service.

Q: Is there any special quantities or products (MOQ)?

A: Yes, our least order quantity is 10 pieces.

If any problem, please do not hesitate to ask us, we’ll give you support within 24 hours, and please kindly feel free to contact us, thanks and regards.

Why are there so many foreigners coming to Shenzhen to buy iPhone LCD displays

Why are there so many foreigners coming to Shenzhen to buy iPhone LCD displays, such as iPhone 4G/4S/5G/5S/5C/6G/6+? Why?


In my opinion, there are three main reasons for that.


Firstly, iPhone was assembled in China and Shenzhen is the largest consumer electronic market city in China, so that many iPhone LCD’s come directly from the factories to the Shenzhen market and the price is cheaper than in other cities or countries.


Secondly, a lot of cracked LCD’s of iPhone from other countries are recycled with a cheap price in Shenzhen, then some of them with good LCD and touchscreen will be refurbished with new glasses so that they will be like new ones. The refurbished one not only can work well like a new one, but also the price is lower than completely new one.


Last but not least, as all we know, the Chinese people are good at copying, so that the copy one appears in the market and the price is lower, right now the quality of the copy one is better and better so that it is sold better and better.


Anyway, the cheap price of iPhone LCD displays is attracting tens thousands of foreigners who come to Shenzhen to purchase.

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Translator, interpreter, business guide in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen is waiting for your contact

There are more and more people coming to Huaqiangbei for business purpose. More and more people tend to hire an interpreter to come with him. However, what can an interpreter & business guide do for you?

1. Save time.

An experienced interpreter can guide you to the market or factory fast. It will save lots of time, and time is money.

2. Good communication.

Good and accurate communication will help you reduce mistakes during your business trip. It’s not good to save money to hire a translator but lose potential business opportunities(You may not realize it) and even make mistakes which will do harm to your business.

3. Negotiation for you.

A good translator knows the market and suppliers well so that he/she can help you negotiate with the local people and find the exact products and good prices according to his experience.

4. Provide Advice and solution.

With a business partner in Shenzhen, China, who has built a good relationship with you, you will know more about the local people and market. He will give you advice and solution when you need in your business.

5. Long-term relationship and cooperation.

You may need long-term cooperation with him when you leave Shenzhen. When there is someone who has built cooperation and good relationship with you, he can help you connect your suppliers in Shenzhen, do sourcing and shipping. It will save you lots of time and money in the business in Shenzhen. Because you don’t need to contact so many suppliers and verify the shipments from everywhere. A business partner will do this for you.

Our company provides interpreting, souring and shipping service. Our company is located in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China. We provide services for our clients and hope to build good relationship and long-term cooperation with our clients. If you need a translator and business guide, if you want to know some details about what we can do for your business, please feel free to contact us!