This is what we are doing now

Hi  friends,My name is Eason.We’re a sourcing/purchaing/shipping agent in mobile phone parts field, of course, you can call me a foreign trader. It doesn’t matter, you know what I’m doing and what I’m proffessional is appreciated.Let’s talk about mobile phone … Continue reading

Doing Business of Second-hand/Used/Refurbished iPhone/Samsung in Shenzhen, China

Speaking of second-hand/used/Refurbished iPhone/Samsung, here comes concerns about bad quality, it was truth several years ago, but right now it’s totally different. the LCD is original, Back cover is original, so does the battery and other small parts. how can you judge that Refurbished iPhone 4/4s/5/5c/5s … Continue reading

What role are you playing in the cell phone business?

We found a good post from Shenzhen Phones   Smart phone “Factory” =”manufacturer”? Posted on June 17, 2014 by Admin  If you are looking for a smartphone factory, how would you like to search for it? By factory, you might mean manufacturer, and … Continue reading