What is the latest prices of mining machines in SEG e-market

More and more bitcoin miner resellers in Huaqiang North marketplaces that have these miners in stock, as well as some graphic card suppliers too. 

The prices are changing every minute, there are many factors on the prices, mainly are bitcoin value and stock quantity. 

A lot of people tell me that they see much lower prices on many other website but when you ask for buying, they don’t have in stock or they need to wait for one or two month, so the prices listed there are not real.

Here are some prices we took from the market .

We hope that you like our price post and if we got got enough funding we might be able to hire people to do the price update on a daily basis on an Excel format and send to you on newsletter system or WeChat. 

Huaqiang North Chinese New Year holiday schedule in 2018

It is time-consuming if we give you the holiday schedule for all the marketplaces in the Huaqiang North Area, but the schedule is more or less the same from one market to another.

Here we would like to tell you the schedule from 2 major markets.

  1. SEG e-Market will be closed since the 10th of February, and come back to work on the 26th of February. Here is the official notice from SEG E-Market.
  2. Yuanwang will start to close at 4 P.M. February 11th, and open again on 23rd February. This is a notice posted yesterday.


Map of Huaqiang North

As you know, you can easily find the map of Huaqiang North on Google Maps or Baidu Map.

However, Google Services are blocked in China, it is difficult for you to access and Baidu Map is only in Chinese, you don’t probably know Chinese Characters very well.

And what’s more, both Google Maps and Baidu map don’t tell you where the markets are. Only the names of the building and Advertising places are shown on Google Maps and Baidu map.

Here we create a map that shows you what markets are available in Huaqiang North, and where exactly they are. We will soon put the link on each market to tell you what product you can buy.

If you have any suggestion or if you need us to add something on the map, or if you want to follow our update on the map, please put your email address on our newsletter sign up form.

You can use your phone to access this map on a browser as well, and click the icon on the bottom left to see your current exact location.

To get a full-screen map click this link https://map.goodians.com


Where do you find bitcoin miner machines in Shenzhen China

As you know, cryptocurrency is getting more and more popular and expensive, one of these currencies is bitcoin, Bitmain Antminer s9 is a model name of a miner machine that you can use to get bitcoin, it is produced by a chipset company called *** in China, but there are a lot of resellers in the market of SEG plaza in Shenzhen Huaqiang North area.

Bitmain is the second largest IC manufacturer in China, as you know HiSilicon is No.1 IC company in China.


Where exactly can I buy the miner and GPU’s?


As you know SEG is famous for its marketplace for the resellers to sell their electronics product worldwide, many sellers speak English, but some of them don’t speak English.

As you know the marketplaces have been shrinking because a lot of consumers are used to buy gadgets online, however for Bitcoin miners, people are afraid to buy online, they need to know how to use it and they need customer service and support, it is still better to buy in a physical shop.


These sellers are located on the 4th and the 5th floor of the SEG plaza building.


Here are some of the booth numbers and contact phone numbers.




















Market Introduction

Huaqiangbei is the place that there’re many electronic markets located in. In these markets, you can source a variety of electronic products such as phone, phone accessories, computer, LED, etc, especially, you can buy lots of refurbished moblie phones. Let me introduce these markets one by one.

1, New Huaqiang Market(LED International Purchasing Center): This is a LED products staple, it besides Huaqiang Plaza Hotel. There’re various lamps here. Most popular lamp products are ceiling lamps, down lamps, tunnel lamps and so on. These lamps are all used in homes, public places, streets, industry, and you can see them everywhere.

Photos are as below:





2, SEG Communication Market: cover cases, chargers, usb cables.

3, Yuanwang Digital Market: mobile phone selling market.

4, SEG Electronic Market: computer and component products, tablets, such as HP, Acer, ASUS, Samsung, Dell…

5, Longsheng/Tongtiandi mobilephone Market: phone and accessories. Batteries, flex cables, USB chargers, LCD displays, buttons, USB connectors, housings, SIM readers, oca, such as the brands of Apple, Samsung, hTC, LG, Sony, Blackberry, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc, that the popular smartphones we used. There’re different quality, new original, refurbished and high copy, especially, refurbish machine exists.

6, Taixing/ Pangyuan Communication: LCDs, hTC( one, desire…), Sony pads, and all the parts that other markets are selling(Longsheng…).

Here I attached photos of some products that we’re selling.

USB flex cable




SIM slot


Samsung A housing


If you’re interesting in these products, welcome to come here and we will guide you around these markets and help you to find some products.

Please kindly feel free to contact us if any questions.

Product Introduction

About us:

We are a phone accessories export company, the major products we supplied areoriginal replacement of phone screens, batteries, cover cases, chargers, memory cards, either original or copy(according to clients’ requirement), such as brands of Apple, Sum sung, Blackberry, HTC, etc. For instant, antennas, flex cables, battery housing, buttons, SIM lots, speakers, cameras are all provided.

We take the principle of clients first. At present, we’re providing a variety of products to all over the world. Our clients are from different countries, some of these countries are USA, UK, Greece, Germany, African countries. In the meantime, under the market research, more and more products are supplied by our company involved computer components, smartphones. As you know, phone is one of the necessary parts in our daily life. We can use it for communication, watching videos, taking photos, surfing the Internet.

Compared with other companies, we’re more professional and our products are high quality that all will be tested before being shipped out, though we’ll ensure the quality, however, our prices are low, also we have some discount based on the quantities. You can replace them in your phones easily and we’ll provide the online services if you don’t know how to replace them, however, it’s convenient and easy.

Product Presentation:

Here I show some pictures of our products.

Phone screens:

For iPhone 5S



Remark: The above pictures show a full screen, we called it screen assembly, contains touch and LCD screen. The appearance of screens for iPhone 5,5C and 5S is almost the same, but in fact, there’s a little difference among them, here I’m showing a picture to distinguish them.


We can see the obvious difference in the picture, and it shows the difference at the flex cable area exactly.

Phone earpiece:

For iPhone 5S


Remark: It’s a separate part in phone, you can just insert it in your iPhone 5S, do not need to connect with other parts, easily to replace it.



Remark: There’s variety of batteries in the market, every manufacture has its own model number, such as Sony, Apple, etc.

To Clients (FAQ)

Q: How we know your products are well condition?

A: Firstly, you can place a sample order to check the quality, once they’re tested well, you can place more orders, and we’ll ship them according to your requirements.

Q: Can you find another more kinds of products except phone accessories?

A: Yes, of course. When you need other products, just contact us by email or phone call to show the pictures, detailed descriptions, requirements, and then we’ll find them if it possible, then we’ll feedback to you. Almost all our clients credited us back 5 positive feedback for our superior service.

Q: Is there any special quantities or products (MOQ)?

A: Yes, our least order quantity is 10 pieces.

If any problem, please do not hesitate to ask us, we’ll give you support within 24 hours, and please kindly feel free to contact us, thanks and regards.

Hotsales cellphone case in USA/EU, cheap source in shenzhen, China.

What is the best sellers smart phone cover in USA/EU?

How to source these cellphone case/covers in Shenzhen? And how to make purchasing?

It’s has to be the same as those hot sales in USA, EU(or other countries) so that we could resell them easily;

It’s has to be cheaper so as to make good profit out of it;

It’s has to be easy for us to make purchasing, you know, cellphone cover is more than thousands of different kinds, and normally, one supplier is possibly only has less than 1 case that is hotsale, which makes it difficult to make purchasement.

So you may wonder, Is it possible to purchase from 1 supplier for all the cell phone cases that are hotsale/marketable in USA/EU, in the same quality but cheap price?

Actually, not everyone can do it. How to make a difference?

Before getting straight to the point, let me show to a rough idea about what’s hot sale product in USA:


10 10-

7 7-1

3 3-s3

5 5-nokia

6 6-

It’s Fantastic, you know, it’s an explosion, the best sell on Amazon in USA!

What if you could purchase from Shenzhen for all the popular item(in USA) and resell in USA, or in Germany, France, UK, India, Korean, Japan?  It’s marketable item and we don’t need to worry about sales. Just think about it!

How to choose Chinese original brand smartphone?

Many foreign businessmen have a problem in selecting good quality and cheap Chinese smartphones,

There’s so many different brand, which one is better for business?

How to select a quality& cheap Chinese cellphones?

How to source suppliers of Android phone and import from China?

How is the quality and warranty of Chinese brand mobile phone?

Does it with CE/RoHS/FCC certificate?

Does it come with English version? and Manual also in English?


1.How does it performs in China and global market?

You couldn’t imagine how hotsale it is globally, here’s the lastes statistics:


Figure 1: sales volume of cellphone in China 2014(millions)

Top1: XIAOMI(China)

Top2: Samsung

Top3: Lenovo(China)

Top4: Apple

Top5: Huawei(China)

Top6~10: Coolpad, vivo, OPPO, ZTE, others. (all China, and HTC, Sony, Moto, LG and others are out from top 10 for good)


Figure 2:  Global comparison of profit rate of smartphone

Apple and Samsung remain top 2, while Chinese phone performs aggressively, cutting down profit to increase market share, especially Lenovo, Xiaomi and Huawei.


2.How is their quality?

Let’s take XIAOMI Mi4 for example:




Screen: 5 inch Sharp, 1920×1080, 441PPI

Syetem: MIUI( based on Android 4.3);

CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8X74AC 801, 2.5GHz, 4core

Network: 4G, 3G, GSM

RAM: 3GB, ROM 16/64GB,

Camera: SONY 13 MP (rear), SONY 8 MP(front); 4k video recording

Battery: 3000mAh,

Dimention: 139.2×68.5×8.9mm


3.How is the price?

Yeah, it sounds really cool.

So what? how can we make profit from importing Chinese mobile phone? Which one is better for business?

Let’s not beat around the bush, here’s quotation from market(Price in RMB, 1USD=6.2RMB)



leno 1 leno 2


4. How to do business?

Perfect, now we have a rough idea about Chinese mobile phone and their the price, but it’s not enough. How can I do business with supplier of Chinses original brand smartphone? you may wonder? for most of the time we’re not strong enough to build relationship with brand company, their MOQ could be 500pcs per model, or even more than 1000pcs each time, so we have to work with distributor/wholesaler in the market.

Here comes the problems:

A.How to find a reliable distributor/wholesaler and get a good price?

B.How to deal with languages problem? and manual?

C.how about shipping?

D.how to avoid copies?

For A, there’s different grade of distribution network in China, without large order or relationship, none of us could deal with brand company, or supplier behind the market. Besides, price of smartphone is transparant and lower profit, and there’s so many copies, which makes it difficult to find a reliable supplier with good price. A better solution is to find a local partner that knows the market well and tell you truth about the markets.

For B, it is piece of cake, brand smartphone always comes with different kind of languagues, or we can root it and install your languages as well; the Manual or label could be Troublesome, we need to print(or pay for a printing factory) our own manual, or making a common English version, it’s not difficult to make it.

For C*D, most of local distributors/wholesaler don’t export, or not very expert in exporting; besides, they only focus on selling phone and couldn’t help your other business, sometimes you need to buy some accessories as well, which may be purchased from different supplier. And dealing with different suppliers would make it very complicated; besides, shipping fee would be quite a lot as all of your order are shipped seperately.

In this case, the two choice you have are, firstly, if your quantity is really large, you can find one supplier to deal with all for you exclusively; secondly, if not, you would need a local partner, or sourcing agent to provide all services you need for this business. And sourcing agent is generally cost less than trading company.


5. In the end:

Smartphones are one of the hottest products nowadays, everything is about smartphone: intelligent homeware, APP, mobile network, shopping, SNS…… iPhone is definitely the leader brand, and Samsung of course, but they’re expensive; consumer would need different kind of products as well, powerful, nice design and cost less, thats how Chinese brand succeed and grow.

Let’s wait for the following success of them.

By the way, we’re souring agent in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China, we provide 1-stop sourcing service for clients, if you need our help, pls do not hesitate to contact us.