Shenzhen Huaqiang North: Growing pains of China Electronics First Street

Shenzhen Huaqiang North: Growing pains of China Electronics First Street


Shenzhen Huaqiang North, China Electronics First Street, is undergoing a transformation and upgrading pains.

As the largest distribution center of electronic products in Asia, it repeatedly suffered profits decline, empty shop tide, flow reduction because of road blocking or closures and other crises in recent years. According to the informations to the media revealed from Lin Weidong, director of Huaqiang North institute, Futian branch, Shenzhen market supervision administration in 2015, the lowest rental rate of some of Shopping Mall in the region even dropped to 30%. But in the heyday of the Huaqiang North, it was once “hard to find a shop”.

Except the crisis, Huaqiang North also experienced various baptism such as e-commerce impact, intellectual propert enhancement and city upgrading. All these make it’s old development pattern facing transformation.

However, it’s also a place of great vitality. On the Pearl River delta 2.0 Forum in Shenzhen and Hongkong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture at the beginning of this year, Chen Yanping, dean of architecture and city planning college of Shenzhen University, said that the planning in Huaqiang North constantly compromise and concessions, and by means of the government and the market cooperate, something new will be always to enter Huaqiang North.


Efforts to move from the downstream to upstream

On the China electronic information Expo in this year, Ma Xingrui, Shenzhen municipal Party committee secretary, introduced that Shenzhen electronic information industry accounted for nearly one-sixth of the country’s output value in 2015.

The predecessor of Huaqiang North is Shenzhen Shangbu Industrial Zone. Li Xiaojiang, Former president of China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, said that space like this not only in the city center but also low-cost, is the source and soil of urban innovation. In the new round of development in China, we should try to retain such space.

At the tenth China HI-TECH Fair in 2008, Huaqiang North has won the title of “China Electronics First Street”, where the mobile phone is one of the important industries. Reporter in Twenty-first Century Economic News recently quoted the introduction of industry Association of Shenzhen, said the mobile phone shipments of Huaqiang North up to more than 100 million per year, and the shipments to domestic market accounted for ten to twenty percent of the country.

In addition, for creative teams from all over the world, rich categories of electronic components makes Huaqiang North almost become synonymous with “hardware paradise”, and this has also become a natural advantage of current attracting many of hardware entrepreneurs in Shenzhen.

However, the old model of Huaqiang North has been in trouble. Recently, the reporter visited the Huaqiang North area. In some markets, the sight was still crowded and cluttered. Such as the counter was littered with all kinds of electronic accessories, and some shops and counters posted notices for lease.

The challenge for Huaqiang North right now is how to move “from downstream to upstream”. An objective fact is that Huaqiang North has not completely get rid of the “low-end” store image. A market manager told the Twenty-first Century Economic News reporter, that the old mobile phone recycling businesses he knows have been having fewer and fewer customers, and the profit of per unit have been reduced to even only 20 yuan.


Behind the transformation: the industrial chain remains

Wang Xiaofei, the general manager of Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic World Co., Ltd, said that in the face of economic downturn, e-commerce impact, road closures which because of subway construction and other heavy attack, rental rates and rental prices are falling, and the transformation of Huaqiang North is more of a forced move.

Whether it is because of the decline of traditional stores on account of the internet impact, or to conform to the development upgrade of the whole city of Shenzhen, the transformation of Huaqiang Northis is a necessity of the times.

However, Wang Ning, the vice president of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, stressed that the transformation should not be become “transferring job”, the transformation of Huaqiang North should be a upgrade of trade way.


· Liu Zhiyong, vice deputy head of Futian District, Shenzhen, said that Huaqiang North is not just a place to sell things, but also an industrial circle and a distribution center where can contact production and sales, and many businesses and electronic components manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta has formed a very closed relationship. Liu Zhiyong also said that“E-commerce can never replace industrial manufacturing, the capacity of industrial manufacturing is the unique advantages that Huaqiang North should keep.”

It is a fact that there are a lot of scammers in Shenzhen China

There are a lot of cheaters and scammers on the internet, it is time consuming and expensive for you to come to meet the suppliers in Shenzhen China, but you still want to do business with some suppliers in Shenzhen China. Which is the best platform for you to use? A lot of people choose Amazon and eBay, because you are sure that you will get your money back. The same story with Taobao, a lot of Chinese buyers think that they are guaranteed that they will get what they need, however, this is not the case. Scammers and cheaters have upgraded the way how they cheat people.

Here are my own stories, I am sharing my experience on buying a couple hard drive on Taobao.

On these websites like Taobao, eBay and Amazon, the prices need to be competitive otherwise there is no chance that they will get the business.

in December 2016, I found a cheat hard drive on Taobao for 180 RMB which is 26 USD, here is the link, normally it is 360 RMB which is twice as much ,see the link on Jingdong

Check the screenshot from Taobao VS Jingdong





So I was wondering and curious how they can sell it for half price, that was why I made a purchase just to see how I can get scammed and tell you the story, if I am lucky and I get an used hard drive that works, I can at least backup my Xiaomi camera (Xiaoyi surveillance camera) surveillance videos from 2015, these videos are no longer important to me.


When I received the this hard drive, I was surprised to see that enclosure is printed with a Samsung logo, the connector is a normal mini USB, but as you know for an external hard drive you need a USB 3.0 to a 10 pin flat micro USB type B like the following:

But what I got is a normal mini USB see picture below:

 This kind of cable is very slow and yet you need to install special driver on your computer before you are able to use it.

When I used some program to scan and check the hard drive, there are not just used but also there are some bad sectors. I need to fix and block the bad sectors before I can use it for non important files. It is not recommended to store some important data on such a hard drive, anyway, for a half price, how much would you expect? I don’t even want to waste my time to make a complaint on Taobao, and the process to return it to the seller is also time consuming.


Why do they want to scam me like that?


In fact, when I compare the price difference, I knew that I could get scammed but I just needed to try to see how I could get scammed, and it was not a lot of money, it is worth it to get the experience and share with you guys.

If you are offering something that is 360 RMB or even 300 RMB for a portable hard drive on Taobao, you will probably never get a sale or even an inquiry. The price on Taobao is very transparent, it is very difficult to make a profit if you don’t scam people.

So how can we survive if we don’t scam people? 

Taobao or Alibaba, or Aliexpress, they are the same company, they make so much money as a platform, the sellers need to make a lot of advertising fee to Taobao, and there is also a deposit needed for Taobao and an expensive annual fee on As a seller in Shenzhen to overseas customers, in fact, we call them “clients”, we hope to get a long time business relationship so that we don’t need to pay a lot of advertising fee. We don’t work with short time customers because we can’t afford to do advertising and keep changing our customer database, it is also a lot of work and it takes so much time before we know each other. And also we are building a platform on our own so that the purchasing experience is so much better and it is easy for us to keep track of what we do for our customers, please be patient and wait for our “tool” which is our ERP system.


If you want to know how to avoid scammers, please read my post back in 2013

How to avoid sammers from Shenzhen, China

One scammer/cheater for mobile supply in Shenzhen was just reported

We got an email from an unknown Indian guy but I am not sure if this is a real scamming story about Chinese supplier, if you know that it is fake story, please let me know so that I will delete this post.

Here is the email content.



Account Name: Xianfu Li
Account Number: 6217 9064 0001 3656 815
Bank Name: Bank of China Fujian Branch
Swift Code: BKCH CN BJ 720
Bank Address: 136 Wusi Road, Fuzhou 350003, Fujian Prov., China
Telephone (optional): 0086-1865-0275-296


TEL: 0086-1865-0275-296
ADDR: Shenzhen city Futian district Zhonghang Road Duhui110 Tower Building B Floor 17th, Guangdong province, China


How to choose Chinese original brand smartphone?

Many foreign businessmen have a problem in selecting good quality and cheap Chinese smartphones,

There’s so many different brand, which one is better for business?

How to select a quality& cheap Chinese cellphones?

How to source suppliers of Android phone and import from China?

How is the quality and warranty of Chinese brand mobile phone?

Does it with CE/RoHS/FCC certificate?

Does it come with English version? and Manual also in English?


1.How does it performs in China and global market?

You couldn’t imagine how hotsale it is globally, here’s the lastes statistics:


Figure 1: sales volume of cellphone in China 2014(millions)

Top1: XIAOMI(China)

Top2: Samsung

Top3: Lenovo(China)

Top4: Apple

Top5: Huawei(China)

Top6~10: Coolpad, vivo, OPPO, ZTE, others. (all China, and HTC, Sony, Moto, LG and others are out from top 10 for good)


Figure 2:  Global comparison of profit rate of smartphone

Apple and Samsung remain top 2, while Chinese phone performs aggressively, cutting down profit to increase market share, especially Lenovo, Xiaomi and Huawei.


2.How is their quality?

Let’s take XIAOMI Mi4 for example:




Screen: 5 inch Sharp, 1920×1080, 441PPI

Syetem: MIUI( based on Android 4.3);

CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8X74AC 801, 2.5GHz, 4core

Network: 4G, 3G, GSM

RAM: 3GB, ROM 16/64GB,

Camera: SONY 13 MP (rear), SONY 8 MP(front); 4k video recording

Battery: 3000mAh,

Dimention: 139.2×68.5×8.9mm


3.How is the price?

Yeah, it sounds really cool.

So what? how can we make profit from importing Chinese mobile phone? Which one is better for business?

Let’s not beat around the bush, here’s quotation from market(Price in RMB, 1USD=6.2RMB)



leno 1 leno 2


4. How to do business?

Perfect, now we have a rough idea about Chinese mobile phone and their the price, but it’s not enough. How can I do business with supplier of Chinses original brand smartphone? you may wonder? for most of the time we’re not strong enough to build relationship with brand company, their MOQ could be 500pcs per model, or even more than 1000pcs each time, so we have to work with distributor/wholesaler in the market.

Here comes the problems:

A.How to find a reliable distributor/wholesaler and get a good price?

B.How to deal with languages problem? and manual? about shipping? to avoid copies?

For A, there’s different grade of distribution network in China, without large order or relationship, none of us could deal with brand company, or supplier behind the market. Besides, price of smartphone is transparant and lower profit, and there’s so many copies, which makes it difficult to find a reliable supplier with good price. A better solution is to find a local partner that knows the market well and tell you truth about the markets.

For B, it is piece of cake, brand smartphone always comes with different kind of languagues, or we can root it and install your languages as well; the Manual or label could be Troublesome, we need to print(or pay for a printing factory) our own manual, or making a common English version, it’s not difficult to make it.

For C*D, most of local distributors/wholesaler don’t export, or not very expert in exporting; besides, they only focus on selling phone and couldn’t help your other business, sometimes you need to buy some accessories as well, which may be purchased from different supplier. And dealing with different suppliers would make it very complicated; besides, shipping fee would be quite a lot as all of your order are shipped seperately.

In this case, the two choice you have are, firstly, if your quantity is really large, you can find one supplier to deal with all for you exclusively; secondly, if not, you would need a local partner, or sourcing agent to provide all services you need for this business. And sourcing agent is generally cost less than trading company.


5. In the end:

Smartphones are one of the hottest products nowadays, everything is about smartphone: intelligent homeware, APP, mobile network, shopping, SNS…… iPhone is definitely the leader brand, and Samsung of course, but they’re expensive; consumer would need different kind of products as well, powerful, nice design and cost less, thats how Chinese brand succeed and grow.

Let’s wait for the following success of them.

By the way, we’re souring agent in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China, we provide 1-stop sourcing service for clients, if you need our help, pls do not hesitate to contact us.


Translator, interpreter, business guide in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen is waiting for your contact

There are more and more people coming to Huaqiangbei for business purpose. More and more people tend to hire an interpreter to come with him. However, what can an interpreter & business guide do for you?

1. Save time.

An experienced interpreter can guide you to the market or factory fast. It will save lots of time, and time is money.

2. Good communication.

Good and accurate communication will help you reduce mistakes during your business trip. It’s not good to save money to hire a translator but lose potential business opportunities(You may not realize it) and even make mistakes which will do harm to your business.

3. Negotiation for you.

A good translator knows the market and suppliers well so that he/she can help you negotiate with the local people and find the exact products and good prices according to his experience.

4. Provide Advice and solution.

With a business partner in Shenzhen, China, who has built a good relationship with you, you will know more about the local people and market. He will give you advice and solution when you need in your business.

5. Long-term relationship and cooperation.

You may need long-term cooperation with him when you leave Shenzhen. When there is someone who has built cooperation and good relationship with you, he can help you connect your suppliers in Shenzhen, do sourcing and shipping. It will save you lots of time and money in the business in Shenzhen. Because you don’t need to contact so many suppliers and verify the shipments from everywhere. A business partner will do this for you.

Our company provides interpreting, souring and shipping service. Our company is located in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China. We provide services for our clients and hope to build good relationship and long-term cooperation with our clients. If you need a translator and business guide, if you want to know some details about what we can do for your business, please feel free to contact us!

What can you do when your supplier ignored your email/call and suspectable cheater/scammer?

It’s a scammer case:

Last week I received an message from an client. He had a deal go bad in China and need someone’s help to contact the supplier and get some infomation. You know, it’s very very complicated for a foreign friend to deal with quality problem /scammer issue if you are not Chinese. When your deals go bad, your supplier may ignore your phone calls and email for good, and you have no idea how to sort it out.

What can you do to deal with quality problem and business Controversy?

What can you do if your suppliers ignored your email/call?

What can you do when your suppliers is a suspectable defrauder/scammer?

Let’s back to his case, He found the supplier in Nov, then placed order and paid deposit via Western Union; the supplier responded well and the goods ready, so he paid the balance and shipment was effected. However, he was told that the goods are stucked by custom soon after that, besides, there’s 310USD Fine. He had no idea about it, but the good is urgent. After paying the so-called fine through WU, there’s no more response from the supplier since 26th Nov.

What happened to his supplier?

He tried to email and call them but received no answers, so he Google and found us online. Here’s what we did for him:

——————————-Email from client———————————

Hello Wenger,

Thank you for getting back to me.

I attempted to order a large lot of things from xxxx. I then paid for the goods via Western union On 23/11/2014. She had then confirmed my order and that she would ship it. On 25/11/2014 She then told me that the shipment was stopped by HK Customs and seizeduntil they paid the 310.00 USD to release it after paying the fine. I then paid that via Western Union that day. Since paying that, I have not receivedany communication from her, and my calls and emails are being ignored. 🙁

I have attached the invoice that I had paid. I have then gone to their website,, and got the following numbers:

Office number: 86-755-332xxxxx

Mobile number: 86-1352xxxxxx

Pxxx(Sales Manager) Email:

xxxx(After-sales) Email:

————————————-email by me————————————————

Hi Mr.Jxxxx,

It takes a little bit of time to investigate the company, However, I am sorry to tell you that it’s perhaps a scammer, here’s the reasons:

  1. I called 86-755-332***** several times but no answers; I called 86-1352*****7 and there’s a lady received my call, but she doesn’t name xxx or Exxx, and her company is xxxx Bank, not XXXX.
  1. I checked with their website and found their website is created on 2013-09-17, but they claim to start since 2002, that’s confusing.
  1. I checked with their company address and found another 2 company located in the same address, same floor; I contacted with 1 of them and they said there’s no such company call 3C Well nearby.

By the way, we’re not just doing Interpreting service, we could be your eyes and hands to Sourcing from local market or factory, and most importantly, we’ll help you avoid any scammer and things like that. If there were anything we can help, pls kindly let me know, thanks.

Best Regards,


—————————————-the end——————————————-

That’s a tragedy. No one knows if the supplier are scammer/cheater or not, but our foreign did not receive any respond from them since 25th Nov. and lost lots of money. So how to avoid cheating/scamming/defrauding you may wonder, is it possible to avoid risk trading/importing from China and from any other country?

You may need a trustworthy friend to help you verify the suppliers, who knows the market/product well and could help to find suppliers with good price and quality, and deal with details of order, if there were any quality problem, he can help to negotiate with them. If you visiting Chinese supplier, he can help to interpreting or translating to enhance communication.

We could be your trustworthy partners in shenzhen, China, we’re a group of experienced Foreign trade men, doing Interpreting, Sourcing and shipping business.


Why so many foreign businessmen go to Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China for LCD of iPhone, Samsung cell phone?

Nowadays, Huaqiangbei is very hot as an international electronic market. There are hundreds of thousands of people coming in and out everyday in this area. If you have ever been to Huaqiangbei market, you will find so many foreign people in the market. They look for eletronic products, for the good price and good quality in Shenzhen.

I would like to share with you my ideas about the cell phone interior accessory market.

As the smart phone market shares grow very fast during these years, especially iPhone and Samsung, the cell phone accessoy markets here become hoter and hoter during these years. More and more people in Huaqiangbei market do the business of iPhone and Samsung interior accessory business.

They will recycle many kinds broken cell phones, such as iPhone model(iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c), Samsung(Samsung S2, Samsung S3, Samsung S4, Samsung S5, Samsung Note 2), Xiaomi, Coolpad, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Sony, motorola, Nokia and etc. They will recyle broken LCD or display(broken glass, but perfect LCD) of the model above. They will refurbish the recycled mobile phone, take perfect parts out(such as LCD), refurbish the phone and sell them again.

So, Shenzhen is recycling your broken cell phone and LCD, espacially iPhone and Samsung model, from all over the world. If you would to do this kind of business, please contact me!

Why there are more and more foreign businessmen coming to Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China for interior accessory of iPhone, Samsung and other brand cell phone?

In the market here, people are selling almost all kinds of cell phone spare parts. If you are doing such kind of business(a cell phone repairer, a cell phone or spare parts seller, recycler, or new but interested in the great potential of this kind of business), the market will surprise you. You can buy many kinds of spare parts, such as LCD, LCD and touchscreen combo, earphone, flex calbe, battery, backcover, camera, frame, connector, housing, adhesive, cell phone circuitboard, display glass, speaker, simreader, and etc.

The most important item is cell phone LCD. There are many difference quality of LCD in the market. There are original LCD, refurbished LCD, high copy LCD, perfect or imperfect LCD which can be ranked into different grades of A, B, C, D, E, meet different needs of customers.

We are a small company who is located in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China, and provide interpreting, sourcing, consolidating%shipping service. We are near the market and many of our customers order cell phone spare parts from us.

My opinion about this kind of business in the future:

There will be more and more people joining this kind of business, as digital market will become bigger and bigger. There will more and more digital products coming on the market as the tendency goes. Then the competition in the market will be fierce. People who do this business earlier and have core competitiveness will earn a lot in the future.

Shenzhen ABC*** Electronics company

Dear friends,

Out website is very easily to be found on the searching engines when you search for a company in Shenzhen, because they are too many companies in Shenzhen that are named something like Shenzhen ABC*** Electronics LTD. And when someone has a problem with a company who has this kind of name, they search online by the keyword of their company name, then our website pop up on the top rank of the searching result, and they take it for grant that we are the company they are looking for and contact us. You are welcome to contact us for any help, but please read more about us so that you know what kind of products and services we offer.

We offer more services than products. Our strength is the language and the market knowledge, as well as quality control, consolidating and shipping, this is how we add values during the international trading process. We do sell some hot items but it is not our focus, our focus is more on offering you good services and you get a lot of benefits from us.

Best Regards,


Do you believe that WD HDD 500GB for 18USD???

There are many suppliers in Shenzhen that offer you a Western Digital Hard Drive 500GB with USB 3.0 port for only 18USD, do you believe that it is true and real, or it is just a fraud?


May I ask you a question?

How much would you pay in your country for a regular 500GB hard drive?

Your answer would be 70USD to 90USD.

Now if you could get it for 18USD, plus shipping cost (if you buy up to 100 pieces, the shipping cost per unit would be 1 USD), and custom duty, it would be approximately 20USD.

Now you could sell it for 80USD, you make 60USD per unit, the profit is 3 times as much as the cost. What business is better than that?

Do you think that all the poeple in your country do not know this good deal, only you know that, do think you are so smart that you find a very good source?

What I am telling you is that you find a scammer.

If you are not so greedy and will spend some time on researching and find out a reasonable price for that, it is hard for you to get scammed.


If you don’t know what is a reasonable price for the item you are looking for, why don’t you pay us a little to find out what it is.

You can also pay us to visit your supplier.

We hate fraud and scamming.

When you get scammed and ask for some help, there is not much I can do, because you can’t provide a verified address, the phone number you provide can’t be reached, and the company name and contact person’s name are fake, even if you ask the help from the Police, I don’t think they can help you too.

Maps of HuaqiangBei and all the marketplaces in Huaqiangbei

We would like to update a map from the authority that is posted on the street of Huaqinagbei as of today January 2018



The post below is from 2012, it is too old,  I want to give you a new one from


Here is a map of Huaqiangbei in both Chinese and English.

You can show it to a taxi driver and bring you to the specific market you want to visit.

All the names in English were translated by

Map of HuaqiangBei in English

0 HuaqiangBei Street:

0 HuaqiangBei Street


1 SEG Plaza:

1 SEG Plaza 2 1


2 Baohua Building:

2 Baohua


3 International Electronics City:

3 International Electronics City 1


4 SEG Communication market:

4 SEG Communication market 1


5 Industrial Product Exhibition Center:

5 Industrial Product Exhibition Center 2 5 Industrial Product Exhibition Center 1


6 Saibo Digital Plaza:

6 Saibo Digital Plaza 1


7 YuanWang Digital Mall:

7 YuanWang Digital Mall 2 7 YuanWang Digital Mall 1


8 Manhar Digital Plaza:

8 Manhar Digital Plaza 3 8 Manhar Digital Plaza 1 8 Manhar Digital Plaza 2


9 WanShang Computers:

9 WanShang Computers 1


10 Gift World:

10 Gift World 1


11 QunXing Plaza:

11 QunXing Plaza 2 11 QunXing Plaza 1


12 Huaqiang Elec. World No.1:

12 Huaqiang Elec. World 1

Huaqiang Elec. World No.2

12 Huaqiang Elec. World 2-3 12 Huaqiang Elec. World 2-1


12 Huaqiang Elec. World 2-2


13 Huaqiang Elec. World No.3

13 Huaqiang Elec. World 3


14 Duhui Elec. City:

14 Duhui Elec. City


15 Sun Asia Elec.:

15 Sun Asia Elec. 3 15 Sun Asia Elec. 1 15 Sun Asia Elec. 2


16 Golconda Elec. Market:

16 Golconda Elec. Market 2 16 Golconda Elec. Market 1


17 Nico Womens World:

17 Nico Womens World 2 17 Nico Womens World 1


18 MOI Department Store:

18 MOI Department Store 1


19 JiaHua Foreign Trade Clothing Market:

19 JiaHua Foreign Trade Clothing Market 2 19 JiaHua Foreign Trade Clothing Market 1


20 GangAoCheng:

20 GangAoCheng 2 20 GangAoCheng 1


21 Womens World:

21 Womens World 1


22 SunDan:

22 SunDan 2 22 SunDan 1 22 SunDan 3


24 Foreign Trade Wholesale Market:

24 Foreign Trade Wholesale Market 2 24 Foreign Trade Wholesale Market 1


25 Pacific Security and Protection Market:

25 Pacific Security and Protection Market 3 25 Pacific Security and Protection Market 1


26 HuiTong Security:

26 HuiTong Security 3 26 HuiTong Security 1 26 HuiTong Security 2



27 ZhongDian Digital WanShangHui:

27 ZhongDian Digital WanShangHui 2 27 ZhongDian Digital WanShangHui 1


28 Colconda Cyber Plaza:

28 Colconda Cyber Plaza 2 28 Colconda Cyber Plaza 1


29 LongSheng Phone Accessories Wholesale Center:

29 LongSheng Phone Accessories Wholesale Center 1


30 MingTong Digital City:

30 MingTong Digital City 1


31 ZhengHua Cell Phone City:

31 ZhengHua Cell Phone City 1 31 ZhengHua Cell Phone City 2


32 SED:

32 SED 4 32 SED 1 32 SED 2 32 SED 3


33 Yitong Mobile Accessories:

33 Yitong Mobile Accessories 1