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  1. Hi,

    Looking for interpreter service !

    We are a company in the Computer hardware business. We are coming to Shenzhen and we need help from a interpreter to visit manufacturers together with us. Products we are looking for is Computer cables, bluetooth products, mobile charging products and mobile holders.

    Are you familiar in this business ?

    We will be there between 20 – 23rd Feburary so we want the help for 4 ful days. How much do you charge for that service ?

    Looking forward hearing from you.

    Best regards

    1. Hello
      My company is planning a business trip to Shenzhen in end of January 2018. Could you please tell me if you do translating services and maybe a provide guide for a day or two. We are electronic components distributor and we are looking for new suppliers (ICs, connectors, active and passive components…). Please contact me on my email.

      Thank you

      1. As you know that the middle of Fe.b is the Chinese New Year holidays, it is more likely the business and everything will be very slow in Feb. I am not sure your schedule to China is good.

  2. I bought G010A 10 Android 4.0 20GB WIFI Tablet from Tindy Deal and I have been asking for the certificate of confirmity for the last 2 weeks because the package is held in customs. They already sent me one but it is very old and they want recent one. Customs in Malta also area saying that the cert. Tindy Deal sent me is touched and not original. Please I need this Certificate / Declaration very urgent. All this is because the tablet does not have CE on it. You as a supplier should know that all electronic items that are sold in the European Union should have CE on them. I really apprecaite a quick reply because I am going to send the tablet back to Tiny Deal.

  3. i want to bye smart phone like samsung galaxy s3,s4 & iphone
    plese send me the origenal or high copy brand provided seller…

    i surch some of sellar following suggest me who is the origenal phones sell & who is high copy

    plese tell me who is best if none of above then suggest me best one
    i m bulk byer from india…….
    my email: denish1990@gmail.com

  4. to Administrator,
    can plese send me the quotation & features of
    s4 in 16 gb samsung copy look & features all most same like origenal
    i want buy it…

    1. If you ever use an original S4, I am afraid that the copy S4 will satisfy you, when you are going to buy these copy phones, you need to have a good expection. You pay for what you get, and there are too many different levels of quality in the market.

  5. I am using an “Android in Me” tablet pc and it does not boot fully. We have tried to reset it, but it still does not boot fully. How can we fix this?

  6. el pasado 09 de julio he mandado 498 usd por western union a jingse-electronic, con el fin de comprar varios telefonos, lo que pasa es que desde ese dia he perdio el contacto con ellos , ni responden a mis email, ni al telefono , ni skype , total son estafadores ,
    la ultina ves me han mandado despues de varios presiones un numero de expediende de DHL , que no existe porque lleva sifras y letras . acosejo a los futuros compradores por esa empresa que tienen mucho quidado
    mala aventura

  7. Dear Sir
    We are ( M.E.A ) group for Trading , we are Professional in Home Electricals and Electronics and Appliances , and all parts of them ,
    our more business is in All Small & Big Home Appliances Electrics & Electronics
    & All Spare Parts Of Them
    – we need open new big business line of original used MOBILES & LAPTOPS ,
    original refurbished verizon samsung galaxy mobiles & laptops ,, NOT COPY ,,
    original brand , used less than six months , without any problems , big quantity ,
    – Original Mobiles Phones ,, American models kinds Refurbished in china
    – original Samsung galaxy S2 , S3 , S4 , S5 , Note3
    – original iphone apple S4 , S5 , S6
    original ?
    how many years or months it was used ?
    what about real guarantee ?
    qty ?
    best prices ?
    100 – 500 pics from every model
    can you please send to me clear real camera pictures
    – look for be clear & series , please answers all my quotations , becuase i want long business term , not just small quantity , it must be in real true trust business :
    1- are they verizon can working GSM and CDMA (not both in same time) ?
    & are you have original can working in same time 2 sim 2 verizon ?
    2- are the original without opening screen Chinese words ?
    i mean i know samsung model SCH-i929 it is original but it is chinese logo opening screen and also it is chinese at all , i don’t want like that please ?
    3- are they have English & Arabic languages menu & keyboard writing , ORIGINAL , NOT COPY ?
    4- are the from or like mobiles phones who’s from united states ?
    5- what about IPHONE APPLE s4 & s5 & s6 ?
    original Samsung galaxy S2 , S3 , S4 , S5 , Note3
    & original iphone apple S4 , S5 , S6
    6- are you have refurbished original laptops ?
    7- original brands laptops kinds like Toshiba & dell & hp , prices of all kinds and models & sizes you have , also of others original brands ?
    8- about mobiles & laptops how many months maybe or exactly they was USED before , ORIGINAL , NOT COPY ?
    9- are they not be it opened and repaired or changed any piece or parts from inside them ?
    10- I want start with you as first for check and try your products in some small quantity , then if every things will be ok , I will taking very big quantities
    11- in future are you have always big quantity ?
    12- please send to me complete final details with real camera pictures with best prices of all things
    please fast
    13- we have already our yiwu office company , for checking & shipping all my products
    – we have our office there in yiwu , and we can shipping our products by ourself after check it ,
    – please send me e-mail about all complete details & clear pictures of all cheap kinds & original kinds quality kinds models of every things you have from each products , with best FOB prices , with QTY
    – please NOTE : frist original quality with trust , second best prices , for long business term ,,,,
    best regards
    Skype : MEA_group
    free call : Viber , WhatsApp , WeChat

  8. Hi Sirs,

    I have purchased an Eben T6 Tablet but i am struggling to use it because it is all in Chinese language and i don’t know/ speak Chinese.
    Can you please tel/ instruct on how can i change the Tablet language so i can use it!
    Please advise!
    I would like to use the device and not return it back, because returning it to the
    seller company will be my only option if i can change the language.

    Hope this message find you fine.
    Thanks for you attention!

    Best Regards
    Amaro Maguni

    1. Can you find a “Setting” icon and click in, then you will find a language tab, the icon is a “A”, and then click the first option which is usually the language options. If you can do some screenshot, I am sure I can help you.

  9. looking for original One plus one 16GB, Xiaomi Mi3 and Mi4 16 GB with both 2G and 3G working on GSM( no CDMA) to ship to India. Looking forward to visit Shenzen.

  10. i would like to get your services to helps me during my trip in shenzhen if possible from now. how can you guidr me or help me?

    doeq it have any where else to get in contact with you?

    here is my informations. where i am staying at shenzhen. i suppose to br at SEG plaza and hua qiang bei tomorrow.


    Adress: 55 Yongxin St, Jiefang Rd, Luohu District, Shenzhen 518001.

    telephone: +867552222986

    i am at room 706. Ask to speak to cecilia Roselmac.

    thanks in advance

    hope hearing from yoy very soon. 

  11. Hello there,
    My name is vishal mane, and I’m from india. We are about to start “Mobile spare parts selling portal(Website)” for Maharashtra state in up coming months. I’m very interested in buying spare parts from shenzhen electronics. I’m writing to inquire about the availability of spare parts and their respective price. I appreciate if you can send the required details for samsung, nokia, apple mobile phones spare parts and their prices as well as discount on bulk orders. We need to take a decision in the coming few days so it’s really very important that I receive this information as soon as possible. Awaiting your reply. Need quotation for all spare parts of nokia, samsung & apple, discount on bulk.

  12. From China to Your Door!

    Door to Door Service from China to Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia & Philippines

    Whatsapp/WeChat: +86 130 0321 5047

    Skype: seabaycargo

  13. Good day ,Friends ! I am finding a BATTERY for my Redme Note 2. Namely тне ORIGINAL battery ! Internetshops like “aliexpress” have much fake one. Tell me please,where I can get this item ? Thanks.

  14. I’m looking for refurbished Iphone 5/5s/6/6s supplier with cheapest price.
    Please do contact me at mdanasrahim[at]gmail.com
    Thank you!

  15. HI i am looking for trusted reliable wholsaler of brand New branded original smartphones.i do not want no copys. also looking for high quality brand new orignal branded gaming laptops with i7 intel core 16gb ram or higher nividia graphics touchscreen 15.6 inch or bigger or smaller 5 or more hours battery life. 2 year warranty on goods. insurance on shipped goods

    i have found a contact on the internet are you able to tell me if they are scammer or are real company selling goods i want to send you an email but your email on this website is not working for me to send an email to you

  16. Hi Im From Sri lanka. please tell me how to buy apple Samsung Htc refurbished phones.please send the price list and shiping Cost payment type

  17. Hi,
    Robert here I am not sure if my previous email may have reached you. My enquiry was about refurbished Iphone 5s or 5c prices 20 units to start off with Your website is very informative!

    Best Regards
    Robert Brown Australia

  18. Kindly email me the current price of you product from iPhone 5,5s,5c(16g,32g,64g,128g)
    iPhone 6 & 6plus with details price , discount price . Cost of shipping to Malaysia . Is unlock or not? With valid warrants (if so,how long will the warranty will be valid).

  19. Hi,
    I’m seeking for Tracker Tracking Locator Device with or without GSMobile Network supporting for Turkish market.
    best Regards

  20. Hi, Looking to source Phone parts for import into the U.K. Can you give some examples of the price you can obtain samsung LCD for the S5 and S6.

  21. if anyone want to study Chinese language and want to do business near Guangzhou and shenzhen please contact with me. no need to pay any service fees to us
    Tuition fees 7000RMB per semester
    Accommodation 2500RMB per semester
    No management or service charge.
    wechat — aziz0176
    mail — md.azizulhoq@yahoo.com

  22. Dear Sir,
    I would be interested to import refurbished smartphones and tablets (Apple, Samsung, Huawei, etc.) and would appreciate if you could share with me your pricelists and terms.

    You may contact me at my email address: arbenhajdini@gmail.com

    Thank you in advance.

  23. HI i am looking for trusted reliable manufacturers or suppliers of brand USED OR New branded original smartphones. i do not want no copy,colon. I am Afrin from dhaka bangladesh. we are mobile phone wholesaler in bangladesh . we are buy ORIGINAL used or new Samsung galaxy & iphone (like-s6 edge+ ,s7 Edge, s7Edge+/ iphone6, 6s, 6+,7, 7+), now i want to import original used or new mobile in china. i very interested in business with your company. send your factory price list & company + product details. E-mail: nila2832@gmail.com

    A&S International ltd.

  24. We are e-scrap traders and are buying materials from spain, germany, portugal, north africa and russia. Looking for partners that would be interested in reusable parts – HDD, Video cards, RAM, Processors, Telecomunication equipments, equipment that has been return due to guarranty from retailers and so on. If someone is interested please write me a letter info at seutrade dot eu.

  25. Hello,

    I am contacting you from Seattle Washington, United States. I am planning to start the business of phones, used ones. I need a source of wholesales. I saw that you guys have some phones with different products. I need iphone, samsungs, HTC and other products.

    Please let me know how to start and when is a good time to you to discuss about.

    My contact number is +1 206-335-1437

    Murtaza Rasooly

  26. Hello

    I am looking for buyer that interesting in big bids of used mobile phones, 14-day phones, broken LCDs(smartphones of different companies, iphones etc.)
    Please contact with me

      1. we are also looking for mother boards to the people who are refurbishing iPhones.We have parts and accessories for iPhone and Samsung, but we don’t have motherboards.

  27. Dear Mr.
    Our company SIA ” Alvi D ” is in Daugavpils city, Latvia. Now we sells
    equipment for food production. Also our company have land in very good
    place in our city. We want cooperate with company, which want to create
    own trading house. May be also to built hotel with fitness center, because
    our city is old city, good for travelling. On the lower floors will be trade
    halls. If You want to begin create Your business in Baltic region, in EU,
    please, send Your opinion.
    Eduard SIA ” Alvi D ”, email – findog@inbox.lv.

  28. Hello, I am looking for a bonna address to buy iPhone in lot to export to france. do you have an address to give me? a website where I can order? Or a WhatsApp number from a refurbished iPhone vendor? Thank you for answering me 🙂. my number: 0695279959. email address: lemeros@laposte.net

  29. Hello

    My company is organizing a business trip to Shenzhen in end of January 2017. Could you please tell me if you could provide translator and maybe a guide for a day or two. We are a electronic components distributor, and we are looking for new suppliers (ICs, connectors, active and passive components).

    please contact me via email

    thank you

  30. Hi, I’m starting to sell refurbished Iphones, I buy in another company from China. i want to know if it’s posible that you send me a price list of it.
    Many thanks

  31. Help! I have two old blowup Xmas figures that used your blower motors. (way beyond warranty!!!). The blower item # was 3165274, model YEF18038, .48 amps, 29 watts (about 6 inches in diameter)for blowing up about 7 foot tall figures. Can you please tell me where to buy new ones (phone # or email and/or company name) so I can replace them? THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  32. We are opening a wholesale sales company in Miami and we are looking for remanufactured cell phone providers, we are going to sell in the USA and all of the Caribbean, we also have contacts in Brazil, I add a list of products and prices, work form, payment and if They have pictures of how they send the phones, also if they can sell some samples, thank you very much.

    Marrampa LLC
    Mario Cenitagoya

  33. Hello Mario i’m writing from Italy, i would buy a mainboard for iphone 6 32 Gb or 64 Gb, can u tell me price with shipping to Italy?

  34. Hello, I would like to know when the Chinese New Year begins and for how long? From what date and month and for what?
    from which month and date the market closes?

    1. I have already asked you why people celebrate Chinese New Year from your previous comment. Let’s talk about when the markets will be close. At the moment, we don’t receive the official schedule of the New Year holiday from the market, and the schedule from each market is a little different. But We can assume when the market will be closed according to the previous schedule. We would say that people start to come back to work from the holiday on 24th of Feb. 2018, and usually, it takes about one week before everyone is in place, that means on 1st of March everyone should be in place. The holiday is usually 14 to 15 days, and the last working day for the market to be open is on the 9th or 10th of Feb. 2018, but people start to leave and go back from their hometown from the 1st of Feb. 2018. As you know the transportation system is not big enough for everybody or the majority of people to leave the city in one day, one week is still not possible, and it needs the same amount of time for the people to come back. So my conclusion is that if you want to meet all the vendors in the market, don’t come in Feb. 2018.

      Chinese New Year is usually in February, but not always, sometimes in January, sometimes in March. Chinese Calendar is the lunar system, the 1st day of the year is the start of the Spring. Every year when you want to know the holidays and when the market will be close, check the start of the Chinese New Year or the last day of the year, 14 days before and after that day is not a good period for you to come to China for business, but for fun. During this period 14 + 14 = 28 days, the transportations on the railway, airline, and highways between cities are completely full, but the traffic on the streets and roads, and the metro inside the city are perfect.

  35. Good Day!

    I am Emman from Philippines! I have seen your website while I was researching and sourcing for a possible supplier of branded mobile phones and computer desktops. I found it very helpful for me and took the chance of sending you my inquiries.

    First, is it possible that you can recommend a good consumer electronics trading store for me? Someone that is trustworthy for all transaction that I will make, and have been doing really honest in the this industry.

    Second is that what mode of payment is the best to use when dealing with the other online traders I have recently met aside from western union and T/T?, What should I ask them to prove their legitimacy?

    I am new to this industry and honestly I’m still studying to make it work. It will be very helpful for me if you diligently give answers to my queries and if your generous enough some advice will be so much appreciated ^^.

    If this business will do good, I will be needing the help of you guys who is familiar with the market place someone who will help me with trade and shipping back to Philippines. I will be glad to give good compensation for your honest efforts!^^

    I hope for you kind and immediate reply on this matter.

    Sincerely thankful ^^

    1. Hi Emman, Thank you for your comment on the website.

      I don’t have any supplier that I think is fully trustworthy for all the transactions, do you have that kind of person in your country? I do trust some suppliers in a certain level but that does not mean that he or she can be trusted by you, he or she is honest to me, but it does not mean he will be honest to you.

      My point is that if you are a serious buyer for big quantity, you need to come and see the suppliers in person and judge with your own eyes and heart, and start the relationship little by little. If you are buying in a small quantity, Alibaba or Aliexpress, or Amazon can be very good for you.

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