1, When / What time is the electronic market open?

SEG electronics, Huaqiang electronics and some other major electronics markets are open from 9 A.M to 6 P.M. EVERYDAY, some shops or booths that facing the streets are open late in the evening. However it is better if you come to the markets after 9:30,  give them some time to clean up and display their products, and leave before 5:30 P.M. because when you leave after 6:00 P.M., there will be a lot of traffic problems, and it is also very hard to catch a taxi ( 1, too many people are trying to take a taxi at the market,  2, some taxi drivers need to go back “home” and another taxi driver will take the night shift.)

LED international Trade Center opens at 9:30A.M. so you can come at 10:00

SED Tablet Wholesales market open as late as 10:00A.M. I suggest that you come in the afternoon.


What days are the electronics markets close? Is the electronics market in Shenzhen close on some holidays?

All the electronics markets are open on the holidays, but some of the booth owners might go back to their hometowns for the Chinese New Year or some other big Chinese traditional holidays.

2, Where is the electronic market located?

One of the famous building in Shenzhen electronics marketplaces is called SEG electronics Market, you can search with “22.541242,114.086944” on Google Maps, here is a direct link 


The address for this specific building is

1002 Hua Qiang Bei Lu

HuaQiangBei, Fu Tian Qu, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, 518028
You can also show the following Chinese Characters to a taxi driver

When you get there, you will find a very tall and octagonal building,  72 floors, No. 3 tallest building in Shenzhen, No. 41 tallest in the world.

3, How do you get to the electronics markets, Hua Qiang Bei by metro / subway lines?

There will be 5 metro lines in Shenzhen by the end of June 2011, you will be able to arrive at the electronic market if you can take metro line No. 1 (Luo Bao Line) and stop at Hua Qiang Lu, then it is SEG electronics at Exit A, if you take Subway Line Number No.2 (She Kou Line), you can stop at HuaQiang North station,  if you take Metro Line No. 3 (Long Gang Line), you should stop at Hua Xin station. 

In 2017, Subway line No. 7 also comes through the marketplaces, the name of station is called HuaQiang North

Here is another metro route map of Shenzhen.


4, What time are the subway lines of Shenzhen available?

Most of the lines are available from 6:30 to 23:00.

How often are the metro lines in Shenzhen?

Loubao Line (Line 1): 2 minutes during the busy hours,  usually 4-6 minutes.

Shekou Line (Line 2) : 3 minutes.

Longgang Line (Line 3) : 3-56 minutes during the busy hours,  usually 10 minutes.

Longhua Line (Line 4): 5 minutes.


5, How big is Huaqiang Bei area?

It is 900*500meters, 900meters from south to north, 500 meters from east to west, so it is 0.45 square kilometer.


6, How many subway stations are there in Huaqiangbei area?

There are 3 metro stations on the Huaqiang North Road which is only 900 meters long.

1, Exit A of Huaqiang Lu station at Metro Line No.1 (Luobao Line), it is at the south end of Huaqiang North Road, close to Huaqiang World and SEG Plaza.

2, Exit B of Huaqiang North Station at Metro Line No.2 (Shekou Line), it is at the middle of Huaqiang North Road, close the Starbucks, MOI,  and Huaqiang Plaza Hotel.

3, Exit A2 of Huaxin Station at Metro Line No.3 (Longgang Line), it is at the north end of Huaqiang North Road, close to The Children’s world, Suning electronics, Qunxin electronics, and the Pavilion hotel.


7, Are there any Western Union Agent in the area of Huaqiangbei electronics and when it is open?

Yes, there is a bank called Postal Savings Bank of China which provide Western Union transaction service, it is across a small street from one of the KFCs and Pizza Hut, very close to the Huaqiang Hotel Plaza and Huaqiang North Metro Station. It is open from 9AM. to 6PM on working days, from 9AM to 4 PM on weekends or holidays.

8, Are there some shops where I can exchange money at Huaqiang Bei?

Yes, there are many shops where you can exchange money, such as in SEG building, LED international trading center.


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