How does the electronics market look like?

When you look at the the pictures below, you will have an overview idea what the electronics market in Shenzhen look like.

If you come to the market on weekends, you will find it difficult to move around because of too many people, sometimes you will have traffic problem when you walk around.

There are many Mcdonalds and KFCs in the market, as well as Pizza Hut, you can also find some Korea and Jananese restaurants too.

There are also many banks around the electroncis market, and also you can find a Western Union place at the Postal Saving Bank of China.

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About Electronics Markets in Shenzhen China!

This page is About Electronics market in Shenzhen China!

The biggest electronics market in China and also in Asia is Huaqiangbei electronics center in Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Provice, China.

What is Hua Qiang Bei?

Huaqiangbei, or spelled as Hua Qiang Bei, 华强北 in Chinese,  it is a name of a street, Huaqiang North Road, or just called Hua Qiang Bei Lu.

Huaqiangbei is one of the most busiest business circles areas in Shenzhen,  another business circle is Dongmen, which is also a name of a street.

In Hua Qiang Bei, there are many many electronics retailers and shopping malls.

Where is Hua Qiang Bei electronics market located on an administrative map of Shenzhen?

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Where is Hua Qiang Bei Lu in Google Maps. View Larger Map


How do you get to the electronics market by metro/subway?

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Clear metro map of Shenzhen

What is the history of Hua Qiang Bei?

Hua Qiang Bei used to be an industrial area when in the 1980s and the early of 1990s. There were over 40 electronics, comminication and home appliance factory building in the time,  and this area became more and more popular in the 1990s,  municipal government saw the opportunity and tranformed it and made it as a business center, and since there, many factories couldn’t afford to pay the high rent and had to move away, more and more shopping centers have been built since 1998.

How Big and busy is Hua Qiang Bei?

Hua Qiang Bei is 1 kelometer from south to north,  1.5 kelometer from west to east. The traffic is 0.5 million people per day.

Over 10 thousands retailers, and more than 20 shopping malls.

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You will have a better idea if I cycle it on a 3D map.

List of the main buidings in Hua Qiang Bei:

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SEG Electronics Market