Shenzhen Huaqiang North: Growing pains of China Electronics First Street

Shenzhen Huaqiang North: Growing pains of China Electronics First Street


Shenzhen Huaqiang North, China Electronics First Street, is undergoing a transformation and upgrading pains.

As the largest distribution center of electronic products in Asia, it repeatedly suffered profits decline, empty shop tide, flow reduction because of road blocking or closures and other crises in recent years. According to the informations to the media revealed from Lin Weidong, director of Huaqiang North institute, Futian branch, Shenzhen market supervision administration in 2015, the lowest rental rate of some of Shopping Mall in the region even dropped to 30%. But in the heyday of the Huaqiang North, it was once “hard to find a shop”.

Except the crisis, Huaqiang North also experienced various baptism such as e-commerce impact, intellectual propert enhancement and city upgrading. All these make it’s old development pattern facing transformation.

However, it’s also a place of great vitality. On the Pearl River delta 2.0 Forum in Shenzhen and Hongkong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture at the beginning of this year, Chen Yanping, dean of architecture and city planning college of Shenzhen University, said that the planning in Huaqiang North constantly compromise and concessions, and by means of the government and the market cooperate, something new will be always to enter Huaqiang North.


Efforts to move from the downstream to upstream

On the China electronic information Expo in this year, Ma Xingrui, Shenzhen municipal Party committee secretary, introduced that Shenzhen electronic information industry accounted for nearly one-sixth of the country’s output value in 2015.

The predecessor of Huaqiang North is Shenzhen Shangbu Industrial Zone. Li Xiaojiang, Former president of China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, said that space like this not only in the city center but also low-cost, is the source and soil of urban innovation. In the new round of development in China, we should try to retain such space.

At the tenth China HI-TECH Fair in 2008, Huaqiang North has won the title of “China Electronics First Street”, where the mobile phone is one of the important industries. Reporter in Twenty-first Century Economic News recently quoted the introduction of industry Association of Shenzhen, said the mobile phone shipments of Huaqiang North up to more than 100 million per year, and the shipments to domestic market accounted for ten to twenty percent of the country.

In addition, for creative teams from all over the world, rich categories of electronic components makes Huaqiang North almost become synonymous with “hardware paradise”, and this has also become a natural advantage of current attracting many of hardware entrepreneurs in Shenzhen.

However, the old model of Huaqiang North has been in trouble. Recently, the reporter visited the Huaqiang North area. In some markets, the sight was still crowded and cluttered. Such as the counter was littered with all kinds of electronic accessories, and some shops and counters posted notices for lease.

The challenge for Huaqiang North right now is how to move “from downstream to upstream”. An objective fact is that Huaqiang North has not completely get rid of the “low-end” store image. A market manager told the Twenty-first Century Economic News reporter, that the old mobile phone recycling businesses he knows have been having fewer and fewer customers, and the profit of per unit have been reduced to even only 20 yuan.


Behind the transformation: the industrial chain remains

Wang Xiaofei, the general manager of Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic World Co., Ltd, said that in the face of economic downturn, e-commerce impact, road closures which because of subway construction and other heavy attack, rental rates and rental prices are falling, and the transformation of Huaqiang North is more of a forced move.

Whether it is because of the decline of traditional stores on account of the internet impact, or to conform to the development upgrade of the whole city of Shenzhen, the transformation of Huaqiang Northis is a necessity of the times.

However, Wang Ning, the vice president of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, stressed that the transformation should not be become “transferring job”, the transformation of Huaqiang North should be a upgrade of trade way.


· Liu Zhiyong, vice deputy head of Futian District, Shenzhen, said that Huaqiang North is not just a place to sell things, but also an industrial circle and a distribution center where can contact production and sales, and many businesses and electronic components manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta has formed a very closed relationship. Liu Zhiyong also said that“E-commerce can never replace industrial manufacturing, the capacity of industrial manufacturing is the unique advantages that Huaqiang North should keep.”

Do you know how to tell from good LCD and bad LCD? —- LCD recycling business in Shenzhen

There is a very big LCD market in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China. People here will recycle broken glass but good LCD, then refurbish the LCD into new one, and sell to the market.

If you want to sell your broken glass LCD to Shenzhen, China in order to make good money. I think I can have some tips for you.

1, The big buyers are factories. They buy thousands of broken glass LCD every day. There are many people selling LCD to these buyers. The buyers will test the LCD by themselves to make sure the LCDs are perfect enough to meet their needs. So you may want to get paid in advance, but you need to know how the buyer do here.

2, The packing and shipping from your place to Shenzhen is very important. It would be a long distance. LCD is fragile and may be damaged due to poor packing and rough handling. So please pay more attention on it.


  QQ截图20140915115225 QQ截图20140915115339 QQ截图20141126160946QQ截图20140916183713

3, How to tell whether they are perfect or imperfect? If there are dots, lines, color spots or other broken issues, they are broken LCD. Even there is a dot, it’s broken. Here are some pictures, I hope it will help you when you buy LCD from your customers.

 QQ截图20141112184524 QQ截图20141112184642 QQ截图20141112184709 QQ截图20141112184818 QQ截图20141112184829 QQ截图20141112184850 QQ截图20141112184909 QQ截图20141112184920 QQ截图20141112184931 QQ截图20141112184943 QQ截图20141112184955 QQ截图20141112185023 QQ截图20141112185138 QQ截图20141112185329 QQ截图20141112185416   QQ截图20141112183845 QQ截图20141112183949 QQ截图20141112184146 QQ截图20141112184211

QQ截图20141115142837 1 QQ截图20141115143548 QQ截图20141115143645 QQ截图20141115145253 QQ截图20141120212740 QQ截图20141115145329 QQ截图20141115145456 QQ截图20141115145511 QQ截图20141115145548 QQ截图20141115145623 QQ截图20141115145702 QQ截图20141115145727 QQ截图20141115145742 QQ截图20141115145756 QQ截图20141115145810 QQ截图20141115145844 QQ截图20141115150341 QQ截图20141115150403 QQ截图20141115150421 QQ截图20141115150443 QQ截图20141115150511 QQ截图20141115150533 QQ截图20141115150545 QQ截图20141115150613 QQ截图20141115150626 QQ截图20141115150638 QQ截图20141115150714 QQ截图20141120135027 QQ截图20141120135050 QQ截图20141120135106 QQ截图20141120135241 QQ截图20141120135307 QQ截图20141120135343 QQ截图20141120212523 QQ截图20141115143842 QQ截图20141115143854  QQ截图20141115144051 QQ截图20141115144109 QQ截图20141115144122 QQ截图20141115144200 QQ截图20141115144213 QQ截图20141115144239 QQ截图20141115144352 QQ截图20141115144443   QQ截图20141115144607 QQ截图20141115144651 QQ截图20141115144858 QQ截图20141115144948 QQ截图20141115145107 QQ截图20141115145201 QQ截图20141115143713 QQ截图20141115143744 QQ截图20141115143801 QQ截图20141115143826 QQ截图20141115143137  QQ截图20141115143204QQ截图20141115143215 QQ截图20141115143302 QQ截图20141115143314 QQ截图20141115143434 QQ截图20141115143445 QQ截图20141115143501 QQ截图20141115143513 2 3 4 QQ截图20141111182309 QQ截图20141111182335 QQ截图20141111182419 QQ截图20141111182437 QQ截图20141111182452 QQ截图20141111182506 QQ截图20141111183442 QQ截图20141111183540 QQ截图20141111183549 QQ截图20141115142736

4, LCD price is unstable and will change very soon. There are lots of new phone model coming to the market. So the price will only drop down instead of rising up.

So what can I do for you?

I can help you sell the LCD in Shenzhen. We have many clients ship the LCD to us. And we help them contact buyers here. We can also give you advice about how to do here.

If you are interested in the business in Shenzhen, please contact me!

Selling on Ebay and Amazon —-sourcing and shipping in Shenzhen

Nowadays, more and more people go shopping online due to the internet. Many people try to create online shop, like Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress to make good money.

If you are interested in electronic products, I think it’s a big opportunity for you to know electronic market in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China.

How to choose products?

1, Cell phone interior spare parts:

There are many markets and suppliers in Huaqiangbei selling interior spare parts of famous cell phone brand, iPhone, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, etc. These products are LCD, glass panel, touch screen, frame(sometimes LCD, glass and touch screen are together), flex cable, camera, home button, backcover, motherboard, battery, charging connector, and so on. There are also some other products you may need, like screw driver, screw mat, OCA, adhesive, iPhone and Samsung LCD tester, refurbishing machine, etc.

Shenzhen is professional for this industry. People here will sell original products, refurbished original products, high copy products. There are tons of this kind of products recycling, refurbishing and selling everyday. You can buy good quality and good price cell phone spare parts here.

2, Cell phone accessories:

As more and more people use cell phone, cell phone accessory is a big market. Though the competition is fierce, but this kind of products is consumer products and the develops very fast.

There is screen protector(normal screen protector and temper glass screen protector), flip case, hard case, TPU case, charger, data cable, power bank, sticker, earphone, blue tooth earphone, etc.

You can buy the latest products in Shenzhen, price and quality are both good.

3, Digital products:

Like speaker, memory card, power bank, cell phone, wearable band, wearable watch, wearable cell phone, camera, tablet, laptop, router, etc.

You can find a supplier easily. What you need to do is to find some good products and try to sell in your country or on Ebay, Amazon.

4, Cell phone:

If you are interested in cell phone, selling Chinese cell phone is also a good choice. Chinese cell phone is becoming more and more popular. There are many brand you may know: Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, Coolpad, ZTE, vivo, Doogee, Zopo, THL, Meizu, etc.

Chinese cell phone is cheap, but in the meantime, their quality becomes better and better. If you know some of these brands, and the people in your country know the brand too. You can sell it to make good money.

How about the shipping?

If you buy from many suppliers, the ship cost is very much. But we can do sourcing for you and ship them together, so that you can save a lot of money to buy most of the products  you need in good quality and good price.

If you are interested in the business in Shenzhen, please contact me!

Cell phone accessory sourcing in Shenzhen

Cell phone accessory market becomes bigger and bigger, as smart phone develops. More and more people do the business about cell phone, cell phone accessories, cell phone refurbishing and repairing.

Do you also notice the big potential of this business? Are you selling this kind of products too?

There are so many kinds of cell phone accessories you may be interested in, such as: screen protector, cell phone case, charging cable, charger, earphone, memory card and so on. There are also many kinds of digital products which you may be interested in too, they are power bank, speaker, monopod, USB disk, etc.

1 QQ截图20141031153528 QQ截图20141031153603 QQ截图20141031153618

Maybe you want to import this kind of products from Shenzhen and sell in your country to make big profit, but it may take you a lot of time to look for a good, reliable supplier; it may cost much shipping fee if you buy from many suppliers and they ship the goods individually; sometimes you can’t guarantee the delivery time and it will take a long time for you to get, …

Who are we? And what can we do for you?

Our company is located in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China. We provide interpreting, sourcing and shipping service.

Interpreting service:

We can provide interpreting service, guide you to the market, and help you find the supplier you need. We can be your assistant if you want to visit factory, and give you advice.

Sourcing service:

We know the electronic market well. So we can find the products you need quickly. If you want to find something, we can help you do the sourcing. We can also connect your suppliers in China, and purchase for you.

Shipping service:

If you have many suppliers in China, it will be a good choice if you ship your products at a time instead of separately. It will save you shipping cost. We are doing these kind of job, so we know shipping well. We can help you choose a good way to ship and save your shipping cost. Packing of the products is also very important. We also focus on packing too in order to reduce the damage during shipping. So you can get your stuff in a piece.

I appreciate you visit my website. If you are interested in my service, or the business in Shenzhen, China, you can leave a message and tell me. Then we can talk about the cooperation way.

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iPhone LCD business in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China — Do you realize the huge potential in iPhone LCD business?

Everybody knows iPhone, Samsung, but if you are doing the business about cell phone, cell phone accessories and cell phone repairing, do you also realize the huge potential of LCD in Huaqiangbei which will help you make big profit?

Many people use iPhone and Samsung cell phone which create a big market for LCD selling and LCD recycling. Tons of LCD selling and recycling in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen everyday.

People here are selling different quality of iPhone, Samsung and other famous brand LCD. There is original and new LCD, good original LCD and refurbished glass, inferior LCD and refurbished glass. We call them A grade quality LCD, B grade quality LCD, C grade quality LCD and etc. And the price depends on the quality you need.

People here also recycling broken display but perfect LCD for refurbishing. And this kind of LCD will sell as good condition refurbished LCD then.

If you need cell phone accessories, such as LCD, you can buy from Shenzhen for good price and latest information of this industry. If you can recycle many broken displays but perfect LCD, you can make big profit if you sell to Shenzhen.

My name is York. We are doing interpreting, sourcing and shipping service now. If you have any ideas, you can share with me. I’m glad to talk with you about the cooperation way between us and do business together.

If you are interested in my service or the business in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China, you can tell me and leave a message!

Sourcing service from Aliexpress, Taobao, Alibaba in Shenzhen, China

Nowadays, Aliexpress, Taobao and Alibaba are very famous in the world. There are many people purchasing products from Aliexpress, Taobao and Alibaba. Have you ever purchased products from these B2B, B2C website? What do you think of purchasing from these website?


It’s famous B2C mall in the world now. Many people who always go to Ebay can also visit here to get products they need. Chinese products are always cheap. So as a window of retail Chinese products, it’s very convenient for you to find good products you need.




Alibaba is a very famous B2B website in China. Many foreign people know it and many businessmen have ever purchased products from this platform. You can find many products you need in this website, since there are so many suppliers. But in the meantime, you can see price, but you don’t know the quality before you get the products.QQ截图20140906180253





Taobao is the most famous C2C or B2C(B2C Taobao is called Tmall) platform in China. It’s easy to buy products from Taobao. You can get good products and good price here. But most of foreign friends can’t read Chinese description.



So, you have known something about Aliexpress, Alibaba and Taobao. They are convenient, but you may find something difficult to buy things from them. One is the shipping cost, one is the delivery time, and the most important one is the issue whether you have got the good quality and good price products.

QQ截图20140906180713 QQ截图20140906180528


What can we do for you?

We do sourcing service for our foreign customers. You can give us links of Aliexpress or Alibaba, or tell us your requirements, and we can source the products you need in Shenzhen, China.

Our sourcing advantage:

1, Better shipping cost and delivery time.

If you purchase small quantity in China from many supplier, the shipping cost is high. If you choose the cheap shipping way, delivery time will be very slow. We can purchase for you, consolidate the stuff and then ship to you by DHL. So we can save you a lot of time and shipping cost.

2, Sourcing service.

Our sourcing service can save you a lot of time. You just need to tell us your requirement, we can help you find the products, send you pictures, details, samples to verify.

3, Quality control.

We are the bridge of you in Shenzhen, China. When we do sourcing service for you, we can also check the products and suppliers here.

We are a company who can provide interpreting, sourcing, consolidating and shipping service. Our company is located in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China. We provide interpreting, sourcing and shipping service since 2008. We know the electronic market very well. If you have any ideas, you can share with me.

I am glad that you visit my website, if you are interested in my service, please contact me! Leaving a message is fine.

Shenzhen is recycling your iPhone, Samsung LCD!

Are you a mobile phone repairer? Are you doing the business of recycling iPhone LCD and Samsung LCD? Do you know Shenzhen is recycling your iPhone and Samsung LCD?

Today I would like to share my idea with you about recycling business in Huaqiangbei electronic market, Shenzhen, China.

Recycling and refurbishing business for broken iPhone and Samsung display is hot in Huaqiangbei now. If you have tons of broken display but perfect LCD, you can sell to us and make a lot of money.


Broken glass but perfect LCD, there are not dots, lines, spots, can’t be discoloring, imperfect or even broken. Especially for iPhone and Samsung model, such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, Samsung S3, Samsung S4, Samsung S5, etc.

Good price:

If your LCD is perfect, we can sell them to the recycling market and pay you a good price. Price will change, please contact me for the latest price!


Since we require perfect LCD, please have them tested before shipping to us. Perfect LCD can sell a good price, but imperfect ones will be very, very cheap, or even can’t be sold.

Packing and shipping:

Please take more attention on packing and shipping of the LCD you are going to ship. It’s a very important issue. LCD is very fragile and easily to damage during internation shipping.

My name is York Lin, I appreciate that visit my website. I can help you do business in Shenzhen. If you are interested in this kind of business, or you are a phone repairer, please contact me!Leave a message is fine.

Why so many foreign businessmen go to Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China for LCD of iPhone, Samsung cell phone?

Nowadays, Huaqiangbei is very hot as an international electronic market. There are hundreds of thousands of people coming in and out everyday in this area. If you have ever been to Huaqiangbei market, you will find so many foreign people in the market. They look for eletronic products, for the good price and good quality in Shenzhen.

I would like to share with you my ideas about the cell phone interior accessory market.

As the smart phone market shares grow very fast during these years, especially iPhone and Samsung, the cell phone accessoy markets here become hoter and hoter during these years. More and more people in Huaqiangbei market do the business of iPhone and Samsung interior accessory business.

They will recycle many kinds broken cell phones, such as iPhone model(iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c), Samsung(Samsung S2, Samsung S3, Samsung S4, Samsung S5, Samsung Note 2), Xiaomi, Coolpad, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Sony, motorola, Nokia and etc. They will recyle broken LCD or display(broken glass, but perfect LCD) of the model above. They will refurbish the recycled mobile phone, take perfect parts out(such as LCD), refurbish the phone and sell them again.

So, Shenzhen is recycling your broken cell phone and LCD, espacially iPhone and Samsung model, from all over the world. If you would to do this kind of business, please contact me!

Why there are more and more foreign businessmen coming to Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China for interior accessory of iPhone, Samsung and other brand cell phone?

In the market here, people are selling almost all kinds of cell phone spare parts. If you are doing such kind of business(a cell phone repairer, a cell phone or spare parts seller, recycler, or new but interested in the great potential of this kind of business), the market will surprise you. You can buy many kinds of spare parts, such as LCD, LCD and touchscreen combo, earphone, flex calbe, battery, backcover, camera, frame, connector, housing, adhesive, cell phone circuitboard, display glass, speaker, simreader, and etc.

The most important item is cell phone LCD. There are many difference quality of LCD in the market. There are original LCD, refurbished LCD, high copy LCD, perfect or imperfect LCD which can be ranked into different grades of A, B, C, D, E, meet different needs of customers.

We are a small company who is located in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China, and provide interpreting, sourcing, consolidating%shipping service. We are near the market and many of our customers order cell phone spare parts from us.

My opinion about this kind of business in the future:

There will be more and more people joining this kind of business, as digital market will become bigger and bigger. There will more and more digital products coming on the market as the tendency goes. Then the competition in the market will be fierce. People who do this business earlier and have core competitiveness will earn a lot in the future.

Do you believe that WD HDD 500GB for 18USD???

There are many suppliers in Shenzhen that offer you a Western Digital Hard Drive 500GB with USB 3.0 port for only 18USD, do you believe that it is true and real, or it is just a fraud?


May I ask you a question?

How much would you pay in your country for a regular 500GB hard drive?

Your answer would be 70USD to 90USD.

Now if you could get it for 18USD, plus shipping cost (if you buy up to 100 pieces, the shipping cost per unit would be 1 USD), and custom duty, it would be approximately 20USD.

Now you could sell it for 80USD, you make 60USD per unit, the profit is 3 times as much as the cost. What business is better than that?

Do you think that all the poeple in your country do not know this good deal, only you know that, do think you are so smart that you find a very good source?

What I am telling you is that you find a scammer.

If you are not so greedy and will spend some time on researching and find out a reasonable price for that, it is hard for you to get scammed.


If you don’t know what is a reasonable price for the item you are looking for, why don’t you pay us a little to find out what it is.

You can also pay us to visit your supplier.

We hate fraud and scamming.

When you get scammed and ask for some help, there is not much I can do, because you can’t provide a verified address, the phone number you provide can’t be reached, and the company name and contact person’s name are fake, even if you ask the help from the Police, I don’t think they can help you too.

How to avoid sammers from Shenzhen, China

scam I got a lot of complaints from people who got scammed by some people in Shenzhen China.

There are many types of scams, and everyone got scammed in a different way.

The most common way that the scammers use is that they put a very low price for a popular item to attract your attention and want you to pay in advance to their bank account or via Western Union, as soon as they get the money, they would either disappear or send you something that you don’t want.

1. Don’t be greedy. Do not believe that there is a free lunch, or there is something that is extremely cheap.

2. Check on the internet and some official sources to make sure that you understand what is a reasonable price for the item you are looking for.

3. Check the supplier’s address, make sure that the address makes sense. Or you can pay us to verify the address. A true address has a very specific room number and building name, unless it is a huge company.

4. Pay via Paypal if possible. Only pay with Telegraphic Transfer or Western Union to a reliable supplier.

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