Why so many foreign businessmen go to Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China for LCD of iPhone, Samsung cell phone?

Nowadays, Huaqiangbei is very hot as an international electronic market. There are hundreds of thousands of people coming in and out everyday in this area. If you have ever been to Huaqiangbei market, you will find so many foreign people in the market. They look for eletronic products, for the good price and good quality in Shenzhen.

I would like to share with you my ideas about the cell phone interior accessory market.

As the smart phone market shares grow very fast during these years, especially iPhone and Samsung, the cell phone accessoy markets here become hoter and hoter during these years. More and more people in Huaqiangbei market do the business of iPhone and Samsung interior accessory business.

They will recycle many kinds broken cell phones, such as iPhone model(iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c), Samsung(Samsung S2, Samsung S3, Samsung S4, Samsung S5, Samsung Note 2), Xiaomi, Coolpad, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Sony, motorola, Nokia and etc. They will recyle broken LCD or display(broken glass, but perfect LCD) of the model above. They will refurbish the recycled mobile phone, take perfect parts out(such as LCD), refurbish the phone and sell them again.

So, Shenzhen is recycling your broken cell phone and LCD, espacially iPhone and Samsung model, from all over the world. If you would to do this kind of business, please contact me!

Why there are more and more foreign businessmen coming to Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China for interior accessory of iPhone, Samsung and other brand cell phone?

In the market here, people are selling almost all kinds of cell phone spare parts. If you are doing such kind of business(a cell phone repairer, a cell phone or spare parts seller, recycler, or new but interested in the great potential of this kind of business), the market will surprise you. You can buy many kinds of spare parts, such as LCD, LCD and touchscreen combo, earphone, flex calbe, battery, backcover, camera, frame, connector, housing, adhesive, cell phone circuitboard, display glass, speaker, simreader, and etc.

The most important item is cell phone LCD. There are many difference quality of LCD in the market. There are original LCD, refurbished LCD, high copy LCD, perfect or imperfect LCD which can be ranked into different grades of A, B, C, D, E,..to meet different needs of customers.

We are a small company who is located in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China, and provide interpreting, sourcing, consolidating%shipping service. We are near the market and many of our customers order cell phone spare parts from us.

My opinion about this kind of business in the future:

There will be more and more people joining this kind of business, as digital market will become bigger and bigger. There will more and more digital products coming on the market as the tendency goes. Then the competition in the market will be fierce. People who do this business earlier and have core competitiveness will earn a lot in the future.

Bluetooth wireless monopod

I would like to share a new product with you – Blue tooth wireless extendable monopod. This bluetooth wireless extendable monpod is very hot in the market these days. We know the market very much, so when I find the latest innovative digital products, I would like to share with you!

No matter you use Android phone or Apple phone, you can take photes by yourself with this monopod. And this kind of monopod can be controlled through bluetooth which is better than those without bluetooth function.


1, Android 3.0 or newer

2, iOS 4.0 or newer

3, 10-100h battery life

4, 10m working distance

5, Maximum length: 1090mm

6, Maximum load: 0.5kg

wireless monopod bluetooth 006

wireless bluetooth monopod-main23  QQ截图20140802143925QQ截图20140802143855 QQ截图20140802143916


wireless monopod bluetooth 4

Do you believe we can make PCB samples in one day?

Many makers and manufacturers would like to try their new deign of products or upgrade them, but many of their cooperative PCB houses have long delivery time. Do you believe we can make PCB samples in one day!?

If you provide all the specifications and Gerber files we need, like dimension, layers, quantity, makeup(how many types of circuit board in one panel), thickness, minimum line width and line space, BGA, through hole, half through, blind hole, resistance, solder mask color, silk screen color, pad plating, copper thickness, delivery time you need, your address, etc.

We will give your the price of the sample when we receive your Gerber files and the information we need. The fastest delivery time we can offer is 24 hours!

If you provide us BOM list, we can offer electronic components to you too, such as IC, transistor, capacitor, resistor, diode, LED, connector, crystal oscillator, cables, and so on. We deal with electronic products for so many years, so we know much about the market, price and quality.

In that case, why don’t we do the assembly job for you? We also offer one-stop solution from PCB to PCBA and testing.

We have some cooperative assembly houses, so we can make the PCBA (printed circuit board assembly). The fastest delievery time for assembly we can offer is 24 hours.

If you are interested in PCB, PCBA and electronic components, please contact me!

I’m York Lin, I appreciate that you visit our website. I will update the latest information of innovative digital products, cell phone and accessories, for your rerference. If you want to do business with Shenzhen, with us, want to know more about  latest digital products information, please contact me! Leaving a message is fine.



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Are you a maker? Do you need assistance from Shenzhen, China?

Are you a maker? A make is someone who sets up your own business, who is creating something new, who is accomplishing his project, he/she might needs a reliable assistant from Shenzhen China, who can give you the best service, assistance, and solutions from PCB, PCBA, component sourcing, enclosure and ect.

China is becoming more and more popular in the global import and export business. As the factory of the world, China has cheap labor, cluster of industries, better and better quality products. People from all over the world will find that, Chinese products are cheaper than those in the developed countries, and better than those in other developing countries.

If you are a maker, it’s a very smart choice for you to get assistance from Shenzhen China. You can get the materials, solutions and services of good price and good quality.

I’m York Lin from Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China. I speak English. I deal with digital products since 2012. Now I offer services of sourcing, interpreting, shipping & consolidating, one-stop solutions.

You will be interested in the great potential of Shenzhen, China. If you have ever been here, you would like the business here. But you can’t always come here, I can help you continue the business here. I can help you reduce some troubles you have, help you do the sourcing and shipping job.

If you are interested in my services, please leave a message to me.

Xiaomi original power adapter

Xiaomi original charger, applies to all kind of Xiaomi products: such as Xiaomi cell phone, Mipad, Redmi, etc.


Broad scope of application

100V to 240V voltage range, applies to many types power environment.


Efficient and rapid charging

1000mAh high power output, finish charging rapidly.


Concise design

Block design, light and convenient.



Xiaomi power adapter(or charger), applies to not only Xiaomi products, based on its high quality and reasonable price, it can be used for all kind of digital products.

I’m York Lin, I would appreciate that you visit our website. I will update the latest information of innovative digital products, cell phone and accessories, for your rerference. If you want to do business with Shenzhen, with us, want to know more about Chinese cell phone and latest digital products information, please contact me! Leaving a message is fine or send me an email: 424011720@qq.com

Do you believe that you can get Original New iPhone 5s 64G or Samsung S5 for 200 USD in China?

Although many foreign friends know that products, which are made in China, usually come with low price, because China is the factory of the world.
The labor cost in China is low, and the quality of the products is getting better and better, things that are made in China usually impress people from all over the world because of good prices, but do you think you can get original and new products with foreign big brands, such as Apple, Samsung, for much lower prices too?

Many foreign companies have their products assembled in China, but China does not own the key technologies, the product are designed in their own country. What Chinese people get is the pay for their cheap labor force. In the meantime, the prices of the products may be even more expensive in China because China does not have the control over the cost of these products, these big companies decide how much they want to sell their product for in each country, and a lot of the key components and parts are actually imported to China, and the import tax is very high, when the products are assembled, the finished products are exported for tax reimbursement, so you can see that the same exact item can be cheaper overseas.

In other word, you can get the iPhone 5s 16G for about 4800 RMB(775 USD) in the market, and Samsung S5 about 5000 RMB(807 USD).
One foreign friend asked me that when I can offer the price of Xbox one for 115 USD which is at least 580 USD here, because he saw the website offered it for just 115 USD.

QQ截图20140712124634 QQ截图20140712124509 QQ截图20140712124559

Do you believe it?

Some foreign friends might have the bad experience of being cheated when they buy some things from China. Some cheaters use very cheap prices for very the things that are supposed to be very good to attract you because there are a lot of competitors in China. When you pay for the items, you may receive for the first few orders, or maybe not, but in the following orders, you will never receive them as the suppliers claim you will get. They can ship you empty box, high copy products, refurbished products, even rocks or rubbish. You will find out that it is impossible to get refund, and finally you waste a lot of time and have to give up. That’s the way how the cheaters do business.


1. If you find the price of the item very cheap which is claimed to be original and new, you need to find out whether the price is reasonable or not. Because cheap prices may come with low quality or fake item. You may need to know what the average price is for the same exact item in China, or in your country.

2. About the profits you can get from it. For example, if you can get iPhone 5s 64G with the price 189 USD in China, plus shipping and import tax, you will know how much it arrives in your country, then you will know how much you can earn from it? do you think you can easily make so much profit?  Why only you not some one else who can make so much profit? Do you think you can make money so easily by just typing a few words on Google or Alibaba at home, and sending a few emails?

3. If you are not sure if the supplier is reliable, it’d better that you choose Paypal to pay the invoice, Paypal protects buyers more than sellers.

China is famous for the products which are completely made in China. Chinese products impress you with its good price and better and better quality. So buying Chinese products is strongly recommended. Also Chinese local mobile phone brands become more and more popular all over the world, such as Xiaomi ,Huawei, Lenovo, Meizu, Coolpad, and so on. They are all cheap and the quality becomes better and better.

Now I do the business of Chinese cell phones, if you’re interested, you can leave message to me below or send me an email to 424011720@qq.com. York Lin

Have you got Xiaomi Mi pad? Here is the testing when I got it!

If you are interested in Chinese cell phones, please visit my website to know more information about Chinese cell phones: http://shenzhenphones.com



Xiaomi Mi pad has the same characteristic as the other Xiaomi products, good quality, reasonable price, high cost performance. As a Chinese cell phone wholesaler, especially for Xiaomi cell phone, I would to give you the latest testing results of Mi pad.

Mi pad is the first tablet in the world which uses NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor. It uses the NVIDA Kepler GPU, which includes 192 pcs NVIDIA CUDA core, in order to offer the best experience for game player. It has 2GB LPDDR3 and 16GB eMMC high speed flash, if it’s no enough for you, it also has the 128GB scalable memory cad. The battery is 6700mAh. 800W rear camera and 500W front camera, enable you to catch the fantastic moment.

Now I will show you the testing results:


It has the 7.9 inch high resolution IPS screen, 326 ppi, 2048*1536.


The color display is fantastic and beautiful.

204504dovkzgnel8jn3kaj.jpg.thumb 204458vipwttpjrwtcigf9.jpg.thumb

You can see the screen clearly for many angles.


The functional key has the white backlight.


Back cover of Mi pad is shining and feels comfortable.


Front camera 500W and the message light.


The headset jack on the top of Mi pad.


The power key and volume key on the side.


USB connector on the bottom.


The double speaker hole on the back.

204604ts8pwhfu66rr68n7.jpg.thumb 204613xwshwnns4zsfss4i.jpg.thumb

Rear 800W camera.

TF card slot.


MIUI system are the same as Xiaomi phone MIUI.


The WLAN connection speed of Mi pad is very fast, it also supports 2.4G and 5G. I use the Xiaomi router to connect the Mi pad with 5G, the speed is very fast, and signal is stable. The ability of Mi pad  to receive signal is strong. Compared with Redmi note, Mi pad can receive 7 wife signal at the same position, but Redmi note can only receive 4 wifi signal.


The interface of music and video player.


Rear camera has the concise interface and has the filter effects.


Rear 800W camera filter effects pictures.


Front 500W camera interface. It even has the beautifying function.


The pictures taken by front camera.

204803fafqc6f616cj1ap5.jpg.thumb (1)

The pictures taken by rear camera.

204752gzgq301k3ejfq3qw.jpg.thumb 204737up55nflqkqpokikm.jpg.thumb 204645bc7q8iizc45k9cu8.jpg.thumb

3D game testing. Mi pad works smoothly without pause.

205336vgkkkzngc9nk1aa8.jpg.thumb 205325hp66sl6ws0nwlfe6.jpg.thumb 205321syii6iynitp2ewcr.jpg.thumb (1)

Reading. The dimension of Mi pad is like a book. When you hold it , the dimension, the color, and the brightness are very similar with a paper book. Reading for a long time won’t make you uncomfortable.


Battery life. Mi pad uses the LG/ATL lithium ion polymer batter which is 6700mAh matched with 5V, 2A power adapter.


Testing from An Tu Tu Benchmark.


In conclusion, the testing since I received the Mi pad satisfies me. The workmanship and hardware are very good. Though Mi pad has something to improve, such as the system perfection, camera optimizing, heat dissipation, longer battery life, more applications and so on. We hope there will be the better and better Xiaomi products coming to the market.


Why consumers in Europe and America like tempered glass screen protector

In the past few years, as the smart phone market developing so rapidly, the sales of smart phone screen protector increases rapidly too.

However, the quality of the normal screen protector is so bad. They are soft and easy to scratch, they are weak and not enough to protect the screen. They are so cheap and low quality, but not enough to be as a protector.

People in Europe and America tend to find a better quality mobile phone screen protector, such as the Remax tempered glass screen protector, which is only about 8 USD. You will never like using the 1 USD weak screen protector to protect your 500 USD smart phone, will you?

I would like to recommend the Remax tempered glass screen protector to you my friends today.

Remax tempered glass screen protector specification:

For models: iPhone, SAMSUNG

Material: Tempered glass

Thickness: 0.23mm

Surface hardness: 9H

8 reasons why to choose Remax tempered glass screen protector


1. Shatterproof screen, scratch-proof, anti-collision, multiple functions. Perfect protection for your phone.



2. Stress layer thickness: 12U

Surface hardness: 8-9H



3. High-temperature steel processing can slow down the strong collision impact force to prevent bursting.



4. Clear screen, highlight the three-dimensional without leaving fingerprints, giving you an unprecedented visual impact.



5. Reducing the reflection of sunlight.

UV blocking.




6. Waterproof anti-oil, perfect to protect your love machine.



7. Rounder edges that are safe, durable and crashproof.

It’s recommended.



8. High sensitivity touch, prolonged use without fatigue glasses. So you could not bear to let go.


What role are you playing in the cell phone business?

We found a good post from Shenzhen Phones http://shenzhenphones.com/blog/2014/06/17/smart-phone-factory-manufacturer/


Smart phone “Factory” =”manufacturer”?

If you are looking for a smartphone factory, how would you like to search for it?

By factory, you might mean manufacturer, and you want to find the company who actually produce the smartphones, and you want to cut the middle men “trading companies” out of the way from the deal that you are going to have with the “factory”.

First of all, you need to know what role that you are playing in the smartphone business, in the smartphone business, I believe that there are many different roles.

1. Processor manufacturers. The popular processors manufacturers are mainly Apple, Samsung, Qualcomm,   nVIDIA, MTK and Spreadtrum, MTK is very popular in the smartphones that carry a Chinese brand or unknown brand, some companies like Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo would also use MTK chipsets in their low end phones.

2. Solution companies. The solution companies usually give you BOM list and provide you technical support, usually they integrate the processors in the motherboard, and give you the solutions on how to build and assemble the phones, they also do some debugging on both software and hardware.

3. Industrial Design houses. This kind of companies focus on the housings of the cell phones and try to make it look better, usually they deal with the mold factories to tune the housings up. A good set of molds for a smart phone can be 20k to 40k USD, and it takes at least 2 months to produce and tune the molds, and it might waste 200 to 500 units of phones during the tuning stage (trial production)

4. Integrators. The integrators are someone who buy PCBA from solution companies, housings from Industrial design housings, as well as some other parts such as LCD/touchscreen, batteries, cameras, speakers, and ect. and outsource the assembly job to the factories.

5. Assembly houses. The assembly houses are usually considered factory, and you might think that they are the manufacturers. The assembly house are the facilities where a lot of different kinds of assembly jobs are done. There are usually a few production lines with labors who are arranged to put together all the parts of cell phones or any other electronics devices together, of course the Quality Control and Aging tests happen in the assembly houses, but they get instructions on how to do the testing from the guys who give them jobs. A standard size of an assembly house can put 3k to 10k units of cell phones, so they need to get jobs from a few big integrators so that they can keep the production running.

6. Trading companies and distributors. The integrators need to produce at least 3k units of phone at a time, and they need to reply on the trading companies and distributors to sell what they produce.

If you are going to build a cell phone on your brand, who are you going to contact first? Are all the paid gold members on Alibaba good to contact? What do you think they are when they need to pay so much money to Alibaba and hire people to answer people’s inquiries everyday, and they don’t even know you if you call them and mention your name, because they need to type your name and search to find out who you are, otherwise they can’t remember your name because they have too many inquiries to reply to.