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There are more and more people coming to Huaqiangbei for business purpose. More and more people tend to hire a interpreter to come with him. However, what can a interpreter % business guide do for you?

1, Save time.

An experienced interpreter can guide you to the market or factory fast. It will save lots of time. And time is money.

2, Good communication.

Good and correct communication will help you reduce mistakes during your business trip. It’s not good to save the translator fee but loose potential business opportunity(You may not realize it is) and even make mistakes which will do harm to your business.

3, Negotiation for you.

A good translator will know the market and suppliers well can help you negotiate with the local people and find the exact products and good price according to his experience.

4, Provide Advice and solution.

With a business partner in Shenzhen, China, who has built a good relationship with you, you will know more about the local people and market. He will give you advice and solution when you need in your business.

5, Long-term relationship and cooperation.

You may need long-term cooperation with him when you leave Shenzhen. If there is someone who has built cooperation and good relationship with you, can help you connect your suppliers in Shenzhen, do sourcing and shipping. It’s save you lots of time and money in the business in Shenzhen. Because you don’t need to contact so many supplier and verify the shipment from everywhere. A business partner will do this for you.

Our company provides interpreting, souring and shipping service. Our company is located in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China. We provide service for our clients and hope to build good relationship and long-term cooperation with our clients. If you need translator and business guide, if you want to know some details about what we can do for your business, please feel free to contact us!

How to choose A good iPhone Screen Tempered Glass/Screen protector?

Speaking of iPhone/Samsung screen Tempered Glass, many friends are still using screen film or even no films at all. How could that possible? A New iPhone 6 cost at least 800USD, if dropped and brokend, repairing your LCD would cost 100USD or maybe more. However, you just need to pay 3~5 dollars to put an iPhone tempered glass, 3~5 times stronger than normal glass, 0.3mm or even just 0.15mm thickness to anti-broken LCD, anti-dropping, and anti-scratch temper glass…

However, choosing a good tempered glass is not easy, there’s so many different kinds of so-called “tempered glass”, some of them is not tempered at all, some is not good quality and easily broken if dropped or scratched. Therefore, I am writing this article to share what is a good iPhone/Samsung Screen Tempered Glass:



1.Is it Tempered?

Pls do not choose tempered glass less than 1.8USD, some supplier would sell you the so-called “tempered glass” with cheapest price, which is not tempered at all, or less tempered, it may be just normal glass or bad quality tempered glass, but you couldn’t tell by your eye. Once your customer drops it, it breaks and you would lose your reputation for good.


2.Is it anti-scratch, anti-hitting?

To test a screen tempered glass, you don’t need to drop your iPhone. A good quality tempered glass should be anti-scracth and anti-hitting. Just putting a tempered glass on the floor, using a knife to scracth it and there’s no scratch on it; then hitting it hard with a hammer. If it was hard enough, the glass would be broken and still connected together, which means no matter how hard your iPhone drops, it could also protect your screen well.



3.Flexibility and structure.

Just bend it, and you’ll find that it’s easily get broken. Don’t worry about it, it happens no matter how good quality the tempered glass is, glass is glass, However, the bad quality tempered glass would break and looks more like pieces by pieces as shown by right picture, while a good quality tempered glass breaks and looks like net, you can find so many lines no it, which means better structure to anti-breaks.



4.Thickness, safe edge and anti-finger print.

The less thickness, the better craft, and more expensive as well because you need to remain it strong with less material, and client would always love a slim screen protector. Also if the edge of tempered glass is round, it could avoid scuffing your fingers, which is very important for using a iPhone. Anti-finger print is easily understanding as well, leaving finger printing is very confuing, and a good tempered glass could avoid that.

That’s what a good tempered glass is, but it doesn’t mean expensive. A good tempered glass means better quality, better protection and reputation which just cost around 2~3 USD.

We’re working with a large factory of iPhone/Samsung screen tempered glass/ in Shenzhen, China, if you got interest, pls leave a comment or email me:, thanks.

Doing Business of Second-hand/Used/Refurbished iPhone/Samsung in Shenzhen, China

Speaking of second-hand/used/Refurbished iPhone/Samsung, here comes concerns about bad quality, it was truth several years ago, but right now it’s totally different. the LCD is original, Back cover is original, so does the battery and other small parts. how can you judge that Refurbished iPhone 4/4s/5/5c/5s is not good quality?

Is it possible to refurbish iPhone/Samsung and make it looks original and new? why so many businessmen are interested in it?


Pls allow me to introduce Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen.

It’s the biggest Electronics market in China, you can find everything related to Smartphones: buying a new iPhone 6/5s/5c/5/4s from whosale market, equiping with accessories such as iPhone case, data cable, powerbank, sound enchancer; when it was broken, just had it repaired here; if your broken LCD is quite a lot, you can sell them, or purchasing some spare parts to resell in your country, such as LCD, back cover, flex cable, front/back camera…

Let’s back to the story,

There’s many suppliers that, on the one hand, they worked with refurbishing factory, on the other hand, hiring a lot of worker to recycle second-hand/used iPhone/Samsung. After that, their trained employees will take apart: Glass, Digitizer, LCD, main board, back cover, just like taking apart a toy. Some recycled iPhone is broken, some get dusted, and some’s or got soaked and doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t matter, testing and evaluating will be carried out soon after that, If glass broken while LCD is not, they will take it out and put a new glass, which is only 1~1.5 USD…






Here’s a iPhone:

1x LCD assembly( LCD+Digitizer+glass+small parts)

1x main/mother board with flex cables

1x battery, front camera, back camera, home button.

1x Back cover assembly(with small parts)

You just need to put 4 of them together and a iPhone is done!


Putting on battery


putting on volume buttons


testing the screen


iPhone screen tester is a must when you need to test large quantity of screens/LCD

测试架 5

laser print on iPhone back cover if you want.



Barcode/trademark on the box

better to put an Anti-dust protected film to make it looks more like original.


That’s what they refurbish a new iPhone in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China, and Samsung is almost the same. But how is the price? you may wonder, can it be a good business?

You know, A new iPhone 6 cost 650~850USD in USA, 699~899USD in EU, 640~840USD in Japan, it is expensive, not everyone could afford it. However, buying a cheaper smartphone is not pleasant experience and less cool. A refurbished iPhone may cost just half the price while the quality could be satisfactory. That’s why second hand/used/refurbished iPhone has the market in many countries, Asia, Africa, even in USA and EU. Cheap is very important, as well as the quality.

If you got interested, pls leave a reply or email me directly, we can discuss more about it. My name is Wenger,


What can you do when your supplier ignored your email/call and suspectable cheater/scammer?

It’s a scammer case:

Last week I received an message from an client. He had a deal go bad in China and need someone’s help to contact the supplier and get some infomation. You know, it’s very very complicated for a foreign friend to deal with quality problem /scammer issue if you are not Chinese. When your deals go bad, your supplier may ignore your phone calls and email for good, and you have no idea how to sort it out.

What can you do to deal with quality problem and business Controversy?

What can you do if your suppliers ignored your email/call?

What can you do when your suppliers is a suspectable defrauder/scammer?

Let’s back to his case, He found the supplier in Nov, then placed order and paid deposit via Western Union; the supplier responded well and the goods ready, so he paid the balance and shipment was effected. However, he was told that the goods are stucked by custom soon after that, besides, there’s 310USD Fine. He had no idea about it, but the good is urgent. After paying the so-called fine through WU, there’s no more response from the supplier since 26th Nov.

What happened to his supplier?

He tried to email and call them but received no answers, so he Google and found us online. Here’s what we did for him:

——————————-Email from client———————————

Hello Wenger,

Thank you for getting back to me.

I attempted to order a large lot of things from xxxx. I then paid for the goods via Western union On 23/11/2014. She had then confirmed my order and that she would ship it. On 25/11/2014 She then told me that the shipment was stopped by HK Customs and seizeduntil they paid the 310.00 USD to release it after paying the fine. I then paid that via Western Union that day. Since paying that, I have not receivedany communication from her, and my calls and emails are being ignored. :-(

I have attached the invoice that I had paid. I have then gone to their website,, and got the following numbers:

Office number: 86-755-332xxxxx

Mobile number: 86-1352xxxxxx

Pxxx(Sales Manager) Email:

xxxx(After-sales) Email:

————————————-email by me————————————————

Hi Mr.Jxxxx,

It takes a little bit of time to investigate the company, However, I am sorry to tell you that it’s perhaps a scammer, here’s the reasons:

  1. I called 86-755-332***** several times but no answers; I called 86-1352*****7 and there’s a lady received my call, but she doesn’t name xxx or Exxx, and her company is xxxx Bank, not XXXX.
  1. I checked with their website and found their website is created on 2013-09-17, but they claim to start since 2002, that’s confusing.
  1. I checked with their company address and found another 2 company located in the same address, same floor; I contacted with 1 of them and they said there’s no such company call 3C Well nearby.

By the way, we’re not just doing Interpreting service, we could be your eyes and hands to Sourcing from local market or factory, and most importantly, we’ll help you avoid any scammer and things like that. If there were anything we can help, pls kindly let me know, thanks.

Best Regards,


—————————————-the end——————————————-

That’s a tragedy. No one knows if the supplier are scammer/cheater or not, but our foreign did not receive any respond from them since 25th Nov. and lost lots of money. So how to avoid cheating/scamming/defrauding you may wonder, is it possible to avoid risk trading/importing from China and from any other country?

You may need a trustworthy friend to help you verify the suppliers, who knows the market/product well and could help to find suppliers with good price and quality, and deal with details of order, if there were any quality problem, he can help to negotiate with them. If you visiting Chinese supplier, he can help to interpreting or translating to enhance communication.

We could be your trustworthy partners in shenzhen, China, we’re a group of experienced Foreign trade men, doing Interpreting, Sourcing and shipping business. My name is Wenger Lin, If you need our help, pls leave a reply or email me:


Why it’s good business to import Smartphone Spare Parts from Shenzhen(China) and resell in your country?

Let’s start with a client’s case:

One of our EU clients found that it’s expensive to buy cell phone(iPhone/Samsung) interior spart parts in EU, but less competition. As a businessman, he figured out the price gap between EU and China and found it would be potential business to import/sourcing from China and resell on Amazon/Ebay/Alibaba in Germany.

There comes the problem: How to purchase/buy from China? you know, cell phone spart parts/component is quite professional item, it takes a lot of time to start the business: study  the product, sourcing suppliers and make the purchase. Huaqiangbei electronics market is the biggest electronics market in China, where all kinds of mobilephone spart parts are available, such as LCD, glass panel, touch screen, frame(sometimes LCD, glass and touch screen are together), flex cable, camera, home button, backcover, motherboard, battery, charging connector, and so on.

However, the toughest problem comes: there’s so many kinds of spart part, and price keeps changing. As a beginner, it would be hugh risk to do normal trading since there’s always a MOQ from Chinese factory or Trading company, and if you got a lot of stock, it would depreciate as well…

But he is smart man to Google and solve everything. He found a local friend in Huaqiangbei electronics market, Shenzhen, China. Huaqiangbei is the largest electronics market in China, where all kinds of mobile phone accessory/component are supplied with wholesale price, all in stock, no MOQ, no leadtime, it’s possible to get your goods within 7days after payment. At which he told his friend to source the products, deal with all suppliers, shipping everything together that he ordered and keep him updated the market info and price.

Here’s the price gap between Retail in Germany, Retail in China and wholesale in Huaqiangbei Market, from which our eu client does the business and make large profit:

1.-iPhone5s LCD original:

Picture A—sells on, retail price is 57.36USD

Picture B—sells on, retail price is 93.69USD

Wholesale price in Huaqiangbei electronics market(Shenzhen, China) is just 33.15USD




2-iPhone5s Home flex cable original:

Picture C—sells on, retail price is 5.73~9.83USD,

Picture D—sells on, retail price is 16.23~19.36USD,

Wholesale price in Huaqiangbei electronics market(Shenzhen, China) is just 4.09USD;

C.flex cable3

flex cable


3-iPhone5s Battery original:

Picture E—sells on, retail price is 18.85~19.34USD

Picture F—sells on, retail price is 18.75USD( lack of info on Amazon)

Wholesale price in Huaqiangbei electronics market(Shenzhen, China) is just 3.28USD



So how to sourcing from Shenzhen and resell on Amazon/Ebay/Online/Retails shop in your country?

Firstly, there’s quite a price gap and good profit;

Secondly, efficiency is very important, you need a trustworthy partners who knows well about the market, could help to find supplier with good price and quality, could quote you within 1 day, sourcing within 2 or 3 days  and shipping to your country within 1 week So that you can quickly sell it on line or at your local shop; If there were anything quality problem, your partner could negotiate with them and provide solutions.

Thirdly, start with small purchasing. You can test the market step by step so as to tell which is more marketable and avoid any quality problem.

Finally, safety. There’s lot of scammers, as a foreigner, it’s very difficult for you to tell them, but your Chinese partner could tell them easily.

So How to find a trustworthy partner in China?

We could be your reliable friend. As 1-stop sourcing service company in Shenzhen, We could be your hands and eye to help you sourcing, interpreting and shipping all your goods. My name is Wenger Lin, Email: If there were anything I can help, pls let me know, thanks.

Do you know how to tell from good LCD and bad LCD? —- LCD recycling business in Shenzhen

There is a very big LCD market in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China. People here will recycle broken glass but good LCD, then refurbish the LCD into new one, and sell to the market.

If you want to sell your broken glass LCD to Shenzhen, China in order to make good money. I think I can have some tips for you.

1, The big buyers are factories. They buy thousands of broken glass LCD every day. There are many people selling LCD to these buyers. The buyers will test the LCD by themselves to make sure the LCDs are perfect enough to meet their needs. So you may want to get paid in advance, but you need to know how the buyer do here.

2, The packing and shipping from your place to Shenzhen is very important. It would be a long distance. LCD is fragile and may be damaged due to poor packing and rough handling. So please pay more attention on it.


  QQ截图20140915115225 QQ截图20140915115339 QQ截图20141126160946QQ截图20140916183713

3, How to tell whether they are perfect or imperfect? If there are dots, lines, color spots or other broken issues, they are broken LCD. Even there is a dot, it’s broken. Here are some pictures, I hope it will help you when you buy LCD from your customers.

 QQ截图20141112184524 QQ截图20141112184642 QQ截图20141112184709 QQ截图20141112184818 QQ截图20141112184829 QQ截图20141112184850 QQ截图20141112184909 QQ截图20141112184920 QQ截图20141112184931 QQ截图20141112184943 QQ截图20141112184955 QQ截图20141112185023 QQ截图20141112185138 QQ截图20141112185329 QQ截图20141112185416   QQ截图20141112183845 QQ截图20141112183949 QQ截图20141112184146 QQ截图20141112184211

QQ截图20141115142837 1 QQ截图20141115143548 QQ截图20141115143645 QQ截图20141115145253 QQ截图20141120212740 QQ截图20141115145329 QQ截图20141115145456 QQ截图20141115145511 QQ截图20141115145548 QQ截图20141115145623 QQ截图20141115145702 QQ截图20141115145727 QQ截图20141115145742 QQ截图20141115145756 QQ截图20141115145810 QQ截图20141115145844 QQ截图20141115150341 QQ截图20141115150403 QQ截图20141115150421 QQ截图20141115150443 QQ截图20141115150511 QQ截图20141115150533 QQ截图20141115150545 QQ截图20141115150613 QQ截图20141115150626 QQ截图20141115150638 QQ截图20141115150714 QQ截图20141120135027 QQ截图20141120135050 QQ截图20141120135106 QQ截图20141120135241 QQ截图20141120135307 QQ截图20141120135343 QQ截图20141120212523 QQ截图20141115143842 QQ截图20141115143854  QQ截图20141115144051 QQ截图20141115144109 QQ截图20141115144122 QQ截图20141115144200 QQ截图20141115144213 QQ截图20141115144239 QQ截图20141115144352 QQ截图20141115144443   QQ截图20141115144607 QQ截图20141115144651 QQ截图20141115144858 QQ截图20141115144948 QQ截图20141115145107 QQ截图20141115145201 QQ截图20141115143713 QQ截图20141115143744 QQ截图20141115143801 QQ截图20141115143826 QQ截图20141115143137  QQ截图20141115143204QQ截图20141115143215 QQ截图20141115143302 QQ截图20141115143314 QQ截图20141115143434 QQ截图20141115143445 QQ截图20141115143501 QQ截图20141115143513 2 3 4 QQ截图20141111182309 QQ截图20141111182335 QQ截图20141111182419 QQ截图20141111182437 QQ截图20141111182452 QQ截图20141111182506 QQ截图20141111183442 QQ截图20141111183540 QQ截图20141111183549 QQ截图20141115142736

4, LCD price is unstable and will change very soon. There are lots of new phone model coming to the market. So the price will only drop down instead of rising up.

So what can I do for you?

I can help you sell the LCD in Shenzhen. We have many clients ship the LCD to us. And we help them contact buyers here. We can also give you advice about how to do here.

If you are interested in the business in Shenzhen, please contact me!

What is the difference between the glass and the screen for a smart phone

As you know that there are 3 main parts for the screen of a smart phone, one is a LCD which shows you all the pictures and videos, on top of the LCD, there is a digitizer which is also called touchsreen, a digitizer is more like a mouse for the computer, you can use it to click, zoom in & out, slide, and so on, however, this digitizer is a special material that is soft and not waterproof, and easy to get scratches, so there would some a glass to cover it, we call this top glass, and some people call it cover lens, since iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3, the LCD and digitizer are made as a part that is not easy to separate them, then the top glass is laminated onto the LCD/digitizer with an Optical Clear Adhesive using a machine. We sold this kind of machines last year, as well as OCA(Optical Clear Adhesive) and top glass.

The tempered glass I mentioned was an accessory, it is not a part of a cell phone, people liked to put a screen protector (also called screen guard.) but it is just a plastic film, a plastic film is very easy to get scratched and dirt, so you need to replace it very often, nowadays a piece of tempered glass is very cheap because so many people are producing it so the cost is much lower now, the price of a tempered glass now is 1/3 of the price 2 years ago, it’s very affordable so people will choose a tempered glass rather than a screen guard. A good tempered glass is supposed to be very hard on the surface so a knife will not create a scratch on it, and there should be some special coating on it so a finger print will not easily leave on the glass unless your finger is too dirty, and a good tempered glass is not easy to break when you drop your phone, in case you drop it very hard, it breaks but the screen of your phone is supposed to be good, and the tempered glass is broken with many lines and all these small pieces are stay together so it won’t hurt anybody.

There is also a hot selling item, some people call it selfie stick, it is a extensible stick with a cell phone holder on one end, and a bluetooth shutter on the other end, a new version of a selfie stick does not require a bluetooth shutter, it is just a long cable that is connected to your audio jack of your cell phone on one end and a button on the other end.

Another Cheater is reported

I am very sad to receive another email from Randy who got cheated.

It is a popular item, if you want to know what is a reasonable price for HP ENVY 15-j105tx, you can just copy “HP ENVY 15-j105tx” and paste on a popular website in China called,

It says 6090 RMB, which is around 1000 USD, but the cheater offers it for 117 USD, the price difference is so big that you don’t even need to trust her, it is either that she/he makes a mistake on quote, or she/he wants to cheat you on purpose.

When you look at the specification of a HP ENVY 15-j105tx, it has a i7 CPU, and Intel CPU is from the U.S., we don’t get good prices of CPU in China, I am more than happy to pay more than 117 USD to get either the CPU or just the hard drive.

Please read a post from me to help you avoid cheaters. 


From: randy 
Subject: cheaters

Message Body:
I recently sent money through western union to purchase a laptop from a company I never received the item , they said their shipping agent made a mistake and sent it to the wrong person , and they could not ship another one because it was already shipped , sorry to cause you a loss. From: QAmanda <>
To: randy 
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2014 1:12 AM
Subject: RE: respond please

Dear Randy ,
Really sorry for your loss , as i have checked with our boss ,that our shipping agent made mistake to send other customers goods to you , but i also have no choice that we already send out the goods to you .sorry for that .

Thanks for your order .

Pls note all of our products are brand new ,total price for HP ENVY 15-j105tx(F4A04PA  is 117 + 40 (shipping charge ) = 157 USD 

Our company accept payment by T/T ,western union and money gram ,pls advise which one is more convenient for you ? we would make invoice for your arrangement .

Could you pls also advise your detail address with Full name and Phone No for me to take record and make sure it can be sent to the right place .thanks .

Looking forward to your confirmation .

Best Regards ,



Here is supposed to be the cheater's contact information and address, but their address and phone numbers are fake, and we don't want to put it here because these cheaters will give us trouble, if you want to know their details, please contact us.


Selling on Ebay and Amazon —-sourcing and shipping in Shenzhen

Nowadays, more and more people go shopping online due to the internet. Many people try to create online shop, like Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress to make good money.

If you are interested in electronic products, I think it’s a big opportunity for you to know electronic market in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China.

How to choose products?

1, Cell phone interior spare parts:

There are many markets and suppliers in Huaqiangbei selling interior spare parts of famous cell phone brand, iPhone, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, etc. These products are LCD, glass panel, touch screen, frame(sometimes LCD, glass and touch screen are together), flex cable, camera, home button, backcover, motherboard, battery, charging connector, and so on. There are also some other products you may need, like screw driver, screw mat, OCA, adhesive, iPhone and Samsung LCD tester, refurbishing machine, etc.

Shenzhen is professional for this industry. People here will sell original products, refurbished original products, high copy products. There are tons of this kind of products recycling, refurbishing and selling everyday. You can buy good quality and good price cell phone spare parts here.

2, Cell phone accessories:

As more and more people use cell phone, cell phone accessory is a big market. Though the competition is fierce, but this kind of products is consumer products and the develops very fast.

There is screen protector(normal screen protector and temper glass screen protector), flip case, hard case, TPU case, charger, data cable, power bank, sticker, earphone, blue tooth earphone, etc.

You can buy the latest products in Shenzhen, price and quality are both good.

3, Digital products:

Like speaker, memory card, power bank, cell phone, wearable band, wearable watch, wearable cell phone, camera, tablet, laptop, router, etc.

You can find a supplier easily. What you need to do is to find some good products and try to sell in your country or on Ebay, Amazon.

4, Cell phone:

If you are interested in cell phone, selling Chinese cell phone is also a good choice. Chinese cell phone is becoming more and more popular. There are many brand you may know: Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, Coolpad, ZTE, vivo, Doogee, Zopo, THL, Meizu, etc.

Chinese cell phone is cheap, but in the meantime, their quality becomes better and better. If you know some of these brands, and the people in your country know the brand too. You can sell it to make good money.

How about the shipping?

If you buy from many suppliers, the ship cost is very much. But we can do sourcing for you and ship them together, so that you can save a lot of money to buy most of the products  you need in good quality and good price.

If you are interested in the business in Shenzhen, please contact me!

Cell phone accessory sourcing in Shenzhen

Cell phone accessory market becomes bigger and bigger, as smart phone develops. More and more people do the business about cell phone, cell phone accessories, cell phone refurbishing and repairing.

Do you also notice the big potential of this business? Are you selling this kind of products too?

There are so many kinds of cell phone accessories you may be interested in, such as: screen protector, cell phone case, charging cable, charger, earphone, memory card and so on. There are also many kinds of digital products which you may be interested in too, they are power bank, speaker, monopod, USB disk, etc.

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Maybe you want to import this kind of products from Shenzhen and sell in your country to make big profit, but it may take you a lot of time to look for a good, reliable supplier; it may cost much shipping fee if you buy from many suppliers and they ship the goods individually; sometimes you can’t guarantee the delivery time and it will take a long time for you to get, …

Who are we? And what can we do for you?

Our company is located in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China. We provide interpreting, sourcing and shipping service.

Interpreting service:

We can provide interpreting service, guide you to the market, and help you find the supplier you need. We can be your assistant if you want to visit factory, and give you advice.

Sourcing service:

We know the electronic market well. So we can find the products you need quickly. If you want to find something, we can help you do the sourcing. We can also connect your suppliers in China, and purchase for you.

Shipping service:

If you have many suppliers in China, it will be a good choice if you ship your products at a time instead of separately. It will save you shipping cost. We are doing these kind of job, so we know shipping well. We can help you choose a good way to ship and save your shipping cost. Packing of the products is also very important. We also focus on packing too in order to reduce the damage during shipping. So you can get your stuff in a piece.

My name is York, I appreciate you visit my website. If you are interested in my service, or the business in Shenzhen, China, you can leave a message and tell me. Then we can talk about the cooperation way.

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