If the cracked iPhone 6G/6+/6S/6S+ LCD’s have touch problem and flex cable problem or just can display black background, they also can be sold a good price in China

Do you know that If the cracked iPhone 6G/6+/6S/6S+ LCD’s have touch problem and flex cable problem or just can display black background, they also can be sold a good price in China?


Many people who do the business about repairing iPhone, just know that if the cracked iPhone 6G/6+/6S/6S+LCD’s can work well, then it can be sold for a good price in China, but if the cracked iPhone 6G/6+/6S/6S+ LCD’s have touch problem and flex cable problem or just can display black background, this kind of cracked iPhone 6G/6+/6s/6s+ LCD will be not valued because nobody want to buy it, so they usually throw it away like rubbish. If you usually do this, that means you have lost a lot of money. From now on you will start to keep this kind of LCD after reading my article.


In China there are some people who collect this kind of LCD, then they will check internal screen glass and the IC one by one to make sure it is good, if it is good, they can replace the flex cable and glass of the screen as a new one, this kind of LCD, we call it as copy one, then the copy one can be sold for a good price in the market.


If the cracked iPhone 6G/6+/6S/6S+ LCD’s have touch problem and flex cable problem or just can display black background, this kind of LCD, not every piece is good. The buyer will take off the backlight one by one and check the internal screen glass to see if it is cracked inside, as long as there is a little crack on the internal screen,this LCD is damaged completely,it has no value.


According to the buyer who have rich experience:


Flex cable problem: 60% of them are good.


Touch problem: 40-50%f them are good.



Display black background: 40-50% of them are good.


If you have this kind of LCD in a big quantity, you can contact me, I will let you know the price. Welcome to send me an inquiry.


What about the quality of Chinese copy LCD for iphone?

In 2015, the Chinese copy LCDs for iphone 5 series were starting to sell in market. At the beginning, the quality of the LCDs are not good; many months has passed and the screen quality become better now. At the end of 2015, the Chinese copy LCDs for iphone 6 start to sell in the market; and in March 2016, the copy LCDs for iphone 6 plus begin to sell in the market too.

When you come to the LCDs market in Huaqiangbei shenzhen, the captical of the cell phone and accessaries business, you can see that Chinese copy LCDs for iphone occupy a large market share. When you ask the information about the copy LCDs prices and quality, you will be very confused. Yes, there are too many quality and prices you can choose and you could not choose them. In market, if you buy the copy LCD for iphone 5 series, the prices are from RMB 100-160; and RMB200-300 for iphone 6 LCD copy one. So you need to known how to pick out a good quality copy LCD with a reasonable price.

There are just a few big companies have the ability to produce the LCD and touch glass. And many small factories buy the LCD, touch glass and other parts and assemble to the LCD screen assembly, then sell them in the market. You can image what the quality of the LCDs in market is. I suggest you need to known how to test the LCD, and pick out the good screen. You need to test all the screens one by one, sometimes you just can pick out 30-50 pcs grade A LCDs from 100 pcs. If you want to buy them and you don’t have the time to test every one, we can help you to test them, of course we need some service fee for the testing, or you can buy the LCD copy screens from us.

Now the quality for the iphone 5 become stable, but the copy LCD for iphone 6 and 6+ are still not so good. The time can check which LCD is good and which LCD is bad. I think the quality of iphone Chinese copy LCD will become better and better. And more and more Chinese copy LCD for iphone will sell in the market.


The iphone LCDs prices are reducing after China New Year

After China New Year, the prices for iphone LCDs prices are reducing every day. It is said that the China copy LCDs for iphone are very popurlar in market, because the copies prices are very cheap. More and more clients choose the China copy ones.

Now the prices for broken original iphone LCDs are as below today.

1) iphone 5S/5C/5G
    Original and grade A (perfect, just the grass cover broken): RMB190
    backlight problem: RMB180
    red screen on white back ground: RMB150
    small color spots and small dots: RMB60
    copy and perfect: RMB60
2) iphone 6
    Original and grade A (perfect, just the grass cover broken): RMB330
    backlight problem: RMB310
    small color spots and small dots: RMB150
    copy and perfect: RMB150
    big color spots: RMB80
3) iphone 6 plus
    Original and grade A (perfect, just the grass cover broken): RMB430
    backlight problem: RMB400
    small color spots and small dots: RMB200
    copy and perfect: RMB200
    big color spots: RMB80
4) iphone 6S
    Original and grade A (perfect, just the grass cover broken): RMB470
    backlight problem: RMB270
    small color spots and small dots: RMB230
    copy and perfect: RMB230
    big color spots: RMB80
5) iphone 6s plus
    Original and grade A (perfect, just the grass cover broken): RMB720
    backlight problem: RMB500
    small color spots and small dots: RMB350
    copy and perfect: RMB350
    big color spots: RMB170

If you buy an oringinal LCD, the quality is very stable and you don’t need to worry your iphone could not work after you update the IOS.

Below is a picture for China copy LCD. Can you see the differences between original one and copy one? I think most of you could not judge it. So if you buy the LCDs very cheap in the webstore, be careful for it.


We separate this screen and you can see the detail as below:


You can see that the touch screen is separate from the LCD. It is like the iphone 4&4S’ screen. If you want this China copy LCD, the price is less than 200 RMB. If you are interested in it, please contact me.

It is said that the China copy LCDs are more and more popular and the prices are competitive to the original LCDs, so Apple company has a big loss. There is another news saying that Apple may update their IOS, if you use a China copy one, the iphone will be locked and you could not use it. The China LCD copies factories are worried about it, so they lower the prices and clear their stock. So recently the iphone LCDs prices are lower and lower. I don’t known if it is ture, but it is a problem.

If Apple update software to lock the China copies LCDs, the original LCDs prices may raise in the future. If it is just a rumor, the LCDs prices may reduce. Now how should we do it best? I don’t known, sell your broken LCDs now, or keep it and wait, or you buy the China copies LCDs? You have many choice, you youself decide it.

I am Victor. We do the best service for you in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei. If you need the newest prices list, please contact me. Thank you for reading this post.

Chinese copy iPhone 5G/5S/5C LCD becomes more and more popular in Shenzhen market

February 26, 2016


iPhone 5G/5S/5C LCD made in China is becoming more and more popular in Shenzhen market


Maybe you have some doubts about the Phone 5G/5S/5C LCD made in China.


Many clients overseas who do business about repairing iPhone only know that there are copy iPhone 5G/5S/5C LCD and OEM iPhone 5G/5S/5C LCD that are sold in the market, and they know that no matter how to assemble the copy LCD, the screen of the copy one must be the original, but they do not know there is one kind of new copy iPhone 5G/5S/5C LCD is sold in the market, because all of material(include screen) of this new copy iPhone 5G/5S/5C are completely made by Chinese , so I call this kind of the LCD as Chinese iPhone LCD .


Because the price for the Chinese iPhone LCD for iPhone 5G/5S/5C are cheaper than other copy ones and OEM LCD, and the quality of the Chinese iPhone LCD for iPhone 5G/5S/5C is good based on the market’s feedback, it is becoming hotter, more and more popular in the Shenzhen market.


Please check the following pricse for different quality LCD in the market.


OEM (iPhone5G/5S/5C): It is very short,so the price is very high, around 400RMB.


Refurbished one(iPhone5G/5S/5C, original LCD with copy glass):around 330RMB.


Copy one(iPhone5G/5S/5C): around 270RMB.


Chinese iPhone LCD(iPhone5G/5S/5C made in China): around 230RMB.


Dear friend,you can make an comparison for them, you will know which quality is suit for you.If you are interested in the Chinese iPhone LCD for iPhone 5G/5S/5C and have some questions, you can email me, I will reply you ASAP.



5S 5G 5C

3D VR Virtual Reality Headset 3D Glasses For 3D Movies and Gamesi for Phone Samsung Moto LG Nexus HTC(With manual+Clear Cloth)

  • Revolutionary tech: Turn your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer. You can experience the immersive, fun and exciting world of VR. Built with high quality ABS and 42mm diameter spherical resin lens material, it can minimize the distortion when magnifying the images and providing wider view.
  • T-shaped headband: This adjustable T-shaped strap is made of lightweight material, which can decrease the pressure around your eyes and on your head, providing you more comfortable feeling. This Flexible and adjustable headband is suitable for different people.
  • Amazing design: It is perfect for people with myopia under 600 degrees. You can get free from your glasses while enjoy the 3D movies or games with the virtual reality glasses, bringing you better experience.
  • Adjustable pupil distance and object distance: It is designed to satisfy different groups of people. You can slightly adjust the position of the spherical resin lens through moving the button on the top of the 3D VR GLASSES so as to get a better experience of watching movies. You can get a viewing angle of between 95 to 100 degrees/ FOV.
  • Fit for: iPhone, Android phones and Windows phones series with screen size between 7-6.0 inches. More than 300 virtual reality apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for you download to enjoy shocking 3D effect.

5 6 7 4 3 2 1

How to use a cell phone to test a cracked iphone LCD screen/display?

When you recycle or refurbish an iPhone cracked LCD screen, you need to check whether iPhone LCD display is good or bad. But how do you test a broken LCD screen? Many friends think the LCD is good, but when they sell the iPhone cracked screen in the market, the professional people may tell them that the LCD screen has many defects. It means a loss. So, we need to know how to test an iPhone LCD well.

There are two ways of testing the LCD screens. One way is using a tester; the other way is using an used iPhone to test. A tester is fast and simple, but it is not good enough to see the touchscreen fully. Using an iPhone to test the LCD screen is slow, but it is comprehensive.

Now I will share you our experience of how to use an iPhone to test a LCD screen. These steps are for Apple iPhone LCDs. But you can test Samsung, Sony or other brands phones according the same ways. You can see the picture about “iPhone + extended flex cable” as below:


We can sell you these flex cables, they are usually 3 to 4 USD depending on what models.


Now we start testing steps:

1)Check the screen apperance and connect the LCD screen to iPhone

When you start to test a LCD display, you need check to the cracked LCD apperance first. If the LCD or flex cable is broken very badly such as lack of some corner, you can judge that this LCD has no value. If you could decide it, please connect the LCD screen to an iPhone, turn on the LCD. If the screen could not be turned on when the connection of cables are good, it is considered as a  “black screen” and it is considered to has no value or little value.

2) test the LCD touch function

Press and hold an app icon and move from the ouside LCD to inside. Please see the video.

3) check the LCD if there are color spots, pressure spots

You need three background pictures, black, white and gray. And in the background you can see the details if the LCD display is defective.


below pictures are the examples which have defects:



4) test if the flex cable connecting is not good.

Push and pull the LCD slightly and watch the changing in the LCD. If the LCD display have changed, the connecting flex cable may not be good.

OK. Now you can confirm the LCD screen is good, if you could not see any defects after the steps above. Is it very easy? Hope this post can help you.


We are back from our Chinese New Year holidays

If you are looking for some cell phone spare parts such as new or refurbished iPhone LCD screens, or if you have some broken screens with good working LCD/digitizer, please contact us, we will help you with that.

If you are looking for refurbished iPhones or local Chinese brand new Xiaomi Phones, Meizu phones, please also contact us.

If you are a maker who is looking for some parts to build your product or just prototype, we have people to help you as well.

Everyone had got rid of their stocks before the holidays, and now people are coming back to work and everyone needs some time to build up their stock, however, if you need something that is urgent, we can help you.

Anyway, we are back to help you, let’s start the year of Monkey.

The Prices For iPhone Good LCD with broken glass have been raising recently

Jack Chen,2015-10-28


Recently, because the new LCD’s for iPhone 5G/5S/5C/6G/6+ are short in the market, the prices for iPhone LCD have been rising, meanwhile the Prices for iPhone broken LCD (good LCD with broken glass) have been rising as well.

If you have a lot of iPhone broken LCD’s(good LCD with broken glass), please contact me. please take a look at the picture below, you will know the latest price for iPhone good LCD’s with broken glass.



Do you want to refurbish your iPhone 5G/5S/5C/6G/6 plus LCD?

Date:25th,  August, 2015


Recently, The prices for iPhone 5G/5S/5C/6G/6 Plus have been raising in Shenzhen market, if you often order iPhone LCD’s from China, I think you should know that.


What causes the price rise so high? It’s said that the big factories don’t have LCD material to make the new iPhone LCD’s recently, so they don’t supply any new LCD to the market. The other people said that some big suppliers are controlling the prices for iPhone LCD’s. Any way, the market is lack of iPhone LCD’s right now.


The prices for the iPhone new LCD’s are so high, how do we save our money? I can give you a good idea. You can refurbish the cracked iPhone LCD’s, but they must be good LCD’s with broken glass. Right now, more and more overseas clients send their LCD’s to China to refurbish them. If you have one or more cell phone repair shops, I think you can collect a lot of cracked iPhone LCD’s. Of course, you can sell them in your local city or other country, but I think the value of refurbishing them is higher than that of selling them. This way it will save you money and you can get new LCD’s.


Our company has been doing this business for 5 years now, so we know well how to refurbish your iPhone 5G/5S/5C/6G/6 Plus LCD’s.


Please take a look at the refurbished fee below.


iPhone 5G/5S/5C: 50RMB/Piece(8 USD/Piece)


iPhone 6G:

If we just replace the top of glass, we charge you 70RMB/Piece. If we replace the top of glass as well as backlight, we charge you 95 RMB/Piece.


iPhone 6 Plus:If we just replace the top of glass, we charge you 90RMB/Piece. If we replace the top of glass as well as backlight, we charge you 125 RMB/Piece.


Warranty rule:


Once we get your LCD’s, we will test the LCD’s one by one and make a report and send it to you. If your LCD is good, but we break it during the process when we refurbish it, we will make it up to you with a new screen.


How to do this business with us?


  1. You need to send the good LCD with broken glass to us, so you need to test them before shipping.


  1. The LCD is easy to break again during transportation, so you need to packthem  We don’t want you to lose your money.


  1. You need to make a mark on the LCD’s flex cable, so we can know which LCD’s are yours. Also we will send it back to you, then you will know whether the LCD’s are yours or not.


  1. If you try to send a small package(100-200 pcs LCD’s) to us, you can send them by Post service, such as American USPS. Delivery time is around 3 to 4 weeks, but this shipping way it can save your shipping fee and can be shipped directly to our office in Shenzhen. Also you can ship your carton to our forwarder in Hong Kong,then our forwarder will take it to our office in Shenzhen within one week, but you also need to pay for this shipping fee from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Delivery time is around 2 weeks, but the shipping fee is higher than Post service.


  1. When we finish refurbishing your LCD’s, we will let your know ASAP and ship them back to you with you paying the shipping fee from China to your country and the refurbished fee. Before we ship, we will send you an invoice so you will know how much you need to pay.Once we receive your money, we will ship your LCD’s to you.


Dear friend, you can make an comparison to see whether refurbishing your LCD’s is more valuable than selling them or not. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us.

5G对比图修改 5C对比图修改 6G对比图 5S对比图

How to get rid of your broken lcd displays?

How to get rid of your broken lcd displays? This is an important question. You need to choose a right way to get rid of them.What’s the right solution?

Many people own phone repair shops. For example, you’re a phone repair shop owner, a guys’ phone lcd display is broken, he brings his phone to your store to have them fixed. He negotiates the price with you, you repalce it for him. Repeat in this way, you’ll get more and more broken lcd displays.

Now comes the problem, when these broken lcd displays are increased every day, and they are taken up your room space. Now it’s time that you have to get rid of them. Throw them away or get other solutions?

Of course, never throw them away, otherwise, you will loose some money.

If you throw them away, it’s a waste of resource and it might cause the enviroment pollution. In fact, these are recycleable. Thus you need to choose a right solution, especially, you can make more money.

We has been in this business for over three years, and we deal with electronics. We know how to test them.

Below is the newest price list for broken lcd displays. Prices are based on the quantity of one humdred pieces.






Please do not hesitate to contact us you want know more information or you want to start doing this business. Much appreciated.