Bluetooth Headphone that vibrates through your brain bones

IMG_20140416_145646 IMG_20140416_145605 IMG_20140416_145617 IMG_20140416_145628

This is a special headphone, you don’t see 2 earpieces that you can put on your ears, you just put it on your head, when you pick up a phone call through this bluetooth headphone, you don’t need to put 2 ends in your ears, but these 2 ends need to be on your head, and the ends vibrate, so that you can hear very well, even for the people who have listening problems on the ears.


Is it cool?

Shenzhen ABC*** Electronics company

Dear friends,

Out website is very easily to be found on the searching engines when you search for a company in Shenzhen, because they are too many companies in Shenzhen that are named something like Shenzhen ABC*** Electronics LTD. And when someone has a problem with a company who has this kind of name, they search online by the keyword of their company name, then our website pop up on the top rank of the searching result, and they take it for grant that we are the company they are looking for and contact us. You are welcome to contact us for any help, but please read more about us so that you know what kind of products and services we offer.

We offer more services than products. Our strength is the language and the market knowledge, as well as quality control, consolidating and shipping, this is how we add values during the international trading process. We do sell some hot items but it is not our focus, our focus is more on offering you good services and you get a lot of benefits from us.

Best Regards,


How does the Chinese New Year affect the electronics markets in Shenzhen China

If you want to know the Chinese New Year holidays in China in 2014 when you search online, you will find out that people in China have one week off for the holidays. In 2014, the official holidays for Chinese New Year starts from Jan 30 and ends Feb 6. This is true for a lot of businesses like banks, stock markets and governments, and etc. But for a lot of private businesses like small factories, small booths in the electronics markets, they can have as many days off as they want. In 2014, all the booths inside the markets were close on January 25, and they will come back to work on the Feb 8, however, some people left Shenzhen earlier January 25 and some of them might come back after  Feb 8.

Why would that happen?

1. Chinese New Year holiday is the biggest holiday in China, all the people want to go back to their howntowns to see their parents, relatives and old friends. So one day or two days will not be enough to visit all of them, and also they want to have a few days off for relaxing.

2. Because all the people want to go home, that means that all the people want to go home and come back to work in the same period of time, so the traffic facilities in China are not enough for all the people to travel in the same time. Some people have to stay, and some people have to leave earlier and come back later.

3. As a tradition, business people want to sell their stock as much as they can before the Chinese New Year holiday, and want to get all the money back so that they have extra money to spend for the holidays. That means the electronics items before the Chinese New Year will become more expensive, and when they come back to work right after the Chinese New Year, the items are even more expensive because very few people have items in stock.

So my recommendation to the oversea buyers is that you need to keep what you usually need in stock for at least one month during the Chinese New Year holiday seasons.

Chinese New Year


Android TV box with Webcam and Microphone

After over more than one year development, they finally integrate the web camera and Micro Phone in this Android box.

When you buy these TV box, you don’t just to watch online TV programs but you can also use it to do a video call for free.

Here I am going to introduce one Android box with a processor of Allwinner A20, it is a dual core CPU, Android 4.2.

The interfaces are below:

2 USB’s (one for Mouse, another for keyboard or USB memory Stick),

1 Infrared for remote control (a simple remote control is included),

1 Micro SD card slot (same Micro SD card as your Android phone)

1 Webcam

1 Mic

1 AV port for CVBS (one AV jack to 3 AV cables (included), yellow, red, white, this is good for old TV’s, new TV’s will only need HDMI)

1 HDMI (the latest interface for video and audio, most of the new TV’s have this connection, one HDMI cable is included)

1 Power Jack (2.5mm diameter, 5V DC, one power adapter for 90v to 230v is included)

1 RJ45 (this is good for ethernet), but you can also just use WIFI, a WIFI antenna is included.


There is also one stand for the box included in the package.


camera-Android-TV-Box-GV11D-Android-4-2-Allwinner-A20-1GB-RAM-4G-ROM-Bulit-in (1)    camera-Android-TV-Box-GV11D-Android-4-2-Allwinner-A20-1GB-RAM-4G-ROM-Bulit-in (5) camera-Android-TV-Box-GV11D-Android-4-2-Allwinner-A20-1GB-RAM-4G-ROM-Bulit-in (4)





The dimensions for the box itself is 95mm*95mm*22mm and 150g, 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM.

Data cables with Flashing LEDs or Running LED

Do you want some special data cables for your iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and your Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, HTC One, LG Nexus 4, Huawei P6, Nubia Z5 Mini and ect. We believe that they cable will sell very good in the future.

There are many types of LED data cables available in Shenzhen, China.

1. There is a red/green/blue LED ring around the micro USB connector to your phone like the one below, the price is only 2 USD.


2. The following type of LED data cable is also very nice, the colors are not solid, a big LED flashing by the connector to your phone, and there is a “smile” around the USB to your computer. The price is 1.5 USD, and there are many different colors available.




3. The following cables have the LEDs around the cable, the spacing in between the LED is around 20mm.

The prices are around 1.5 USD as well.


4. Here are two types of cheaper LED cables. There are also some flashing LEDs, and the cables are more like flat noodles.

The price is around 1 USD each.



4. Fancy data cables with running LED.

The light is much more nicer, and the LEDs keep running on the cables, they look very fancy, and the cost is more, the price is around 6 USD.

IMG_20130829_181815 IMG_20130829_181918 IMG_20130829_181946

Who Are We?

We are your “cables”, we receive the payment from you and pay your suppliers to move, that is like power cable; we also help you communicate with your suppliers, deliver your message to your suppliers, and we deliver your suppliers’ feedback to you, it is more like a data cable.

cables VGA male-female

We are your “converters”, we need to translate your message into the local language so that the people here can understand what you need, we also need to convert USD or EUR to local currency RMB which is preferable in China, every individual is only allowed to exchange 50,000 USD per year.



We are your “connectors” or “interfaces”, we will need to find the suppliers that are suitable for your requirements, as you might know that there are many different suppliers available on the internet, but you don’t know who to contact, first, we need to know how many “Pins” you have on your side, and we will have to find the ones that carry the same number of “sockets” and the same “spacing”, so that the supplier we find is your right match.


双排母座 connector

We are your “hubs”,  All your suppliers’ products will be sent to our warehouse, we consolidate your products from different suppliers and make one shipment to you, we also receive a big payment from you and make many small payments to your suppliers.

USB hub Netgear hub


We are just like these things, not expensive, but we play an important role in your international business with China, Shenzhen specificly.

How are people in China pricing their items?

pricing The way how the majority people in China is quite different from how the westerners would do.

1. They would calculate all different kinds of cost and add a reasonable profit on top of it, (not all of them, but I would say more than 90% of them).

The profit in different industries or items is quite different, but if they are in the business for a long time, they know what is reasonable, and the serious businessmen would quote based in a high quantity so that their prices look competitive. However, from what I learned in the past few years, I found out that many westerners quote on a much higher margin, it makes commom things very difficult to sell to China, only some special items such as some naterial resources and very high tech product are easy to sell in China.

What I am going to say is not about how to sell to China, but I am going to give you some tip on how to deal with Chinese people, and before you know the tip, you need to know how they think, and this is very important for you to make a good plan or negotiating stragety. They quote you very low in the beginning if when you are not ordering a lot from them, and most of the westerners don’t get that, and it makes them uncomfortable when they say something that is not supposed to say during their conversation. They understand that it is a new relationship, and it takes time for you to prepare a bigger order later, but they don’t want to look bad for the beginning, so they offer with good prices.


2. The prices are very transparant in China, all the people know that, and they know that there are many competitors in China, in order to survive, they have to provide you good prices, and sometimes because of the low prices they offer, they will have to make the items cheaper with lower quality so that they can earn a little profit, and they are afraid to tell you the truth, sometimes, because the prices they quote are not so good to them, they will have to offer cheap customer services and maintainace services, and the bad customer services or warranty policy might cost big problems to you.


What I am trying to tell you is that when you know that your business partner is not a scammer, and you believe that he or she is a good person, and you want to deal with him/her for a long term, Do NOT try to bargin too much. That the image of China is not so good is because that only a small percentage of scammer or cheaters in China are ruining it, and when you get scammed, you tell everybody, and others would forget the fact that most of the people are nice, and it is bad to start a business relationship when you assume that your business partner is bad.

Can you sell on Aliexpress

How can I set up a seller’s account on Aliexpress, in another word, how can I create a store on Aliexpress?

Here is a reply from Aliexpress’s help center

You can also refer to a thread on Aliexpress’s forom

The conclusion is that If you are not based in mainland China, you are not allowed to sell on Aliexpress at the moment.



How can I help you with that?

If you trust me enough, you can use my seller’s accounts.


What is the procedure for local Chinese people to open a store on Aliexpress?

Very simple, all they need is your email address and a China cell phone number to verify. And then you will need to link your China bank account to Aliexpress so that you can withdraw some money.


Do you get scammed on Aliexpress?

It is possible that you might get scammed on Aliexpress, however, we are here to help you.


How can I consolidate all the items that I buy from different sellers through Aliexpress.

Again, we are here to help you, you can ask all the sellers to ship it to our warehouse, and we consolidate all your items and make one shipment to you through DHL or Fedex, you will get it usually in 3 business days, or 7 days during the peak seasons such as the time before the Christmas holidays or Chinese Near Year holidays.