Why the mining machines and graphic card become so expensive now.

As you know Bitcoin price has been increased rapidly, that means in a short period of time, a lot more people jump into this business to push the price so high, in the same time, the cost to Generate a bitcoin is supposed to be more, that is why a lot of people start to buy computing resources to get bitcoin, as you know the manufacturing cost to produce a graphic card can only be cheaper and cheaper, but since the demand is so high, the manufacturers want to increase the prices to have more profit and yet the production is fully booked because they receive a lot of orders in advance already, and they can’t just open a new production line immediately because there are some critical parts that need high tech equipment which is very expensive and it takes some time to build up such equipment, the manufacturers need to see a potential continuous growth of demands before they decide to increase production capability. Therefore whoever got the stocks will decide the prices in the next 2 months because the manufacturer production line is already booked for the next 2 months. So where are the stocks? SEG e-market is one of the marketplaces in Shenzhen that handle the stock selling and buying. Some big wholesalers are selling the stocks little by little so as to maintain the prices or increase the prices. In the same time they will monitor the situation on the production side, if they see that it’s easy to get stocks from the manufacturers they will reduce the prices to sell more into the market and the prices will go down.

So if you want to get a reasonable price you will just need to wait a little longer. In fact, this is the same idea and situation as the new iPhone model release. If thw wholesalers know that Apple doesn’t have a lot of stocks available when they release new model, the wholesalers will buy all the stocks in Apple shops, they buy new phones from the individuals who are able to get phones from Apple one piece by one piece and sell in the high prices to the people who can afford and will buy. 



What is the latest prices of mining machines in SEG e-market

More and more bitcoin miner resellers in Huaqiang North marketplaces that have these miners in stock, as well as some graphic card suppliers too. 

The prices are changing every minute, there are many factors on the prices, mainly are bitcoin value and stock quantity. 

A lot of people tell me that they see much lower prices on many other website but when you ask for buying, they don’t have in stock or they need to wait for one or two month, so the prices listed there are not real.

Here are some prices we took from the market .

We hope that you like our price post and if we got got enough funding we might be able to hire people to do the price update on a daily basis on an Excel format and send to you on newsletter system or WeChat. 

Huaqiang North Chinese New Year holiday schedule in 2018

It is time-consuming if we give you the holiday schedule for all the marketplaces in the Huaqiang North Area, but the schedule is more or less the same from one market to another.

Here we would like to tell you the schedule from 2 major markets.

  1. SEG e-Market will be closed since the 10th of February, and come back to work on the 26th of February. Here is the official notice from SEG E-Market.
  2. Yuanwang will start to close at 4 P.M. February 11th, and open again on 23rd February. This is a notice posted yesterday.


Map of Huaqiang North

As you know, you can easily find the map of Huaqiang North on Google Maps or Baidu Map.

However, Google Services are blocked in China, it is difficult for you to access and Baidu Map is only in Chinese, you don’t probably know Chinese Characters very well.

And what’s more, both Google Maps and Baidu map don’t tell you where the markets are. Only the names of the building and Advertising places are shown on Google Maps and Baidu map.

Here we create a map that shows you what markets are available in Huaqiang North, and where exactly they are. We will soon put the link on each market to tell you what product you can buy.

If you have any suggestion or if you need us to add something on the map, or if you want to follow our update on the map, please put your email address on our newsletter sign up form.

You can use your phone to access this map on a browser as well, and click the icon on the bottom left to see your current exact location.

To get a full-screen map click this link https://map.goodians.com


Where do you find bitcoin miner machines in Shenzhen China

As you know, cryptocurrency is getting more and more popular and expensive, one of these currencies is bitcoin, Bitmain Antminer s9 is a model name of a miner machine that you can use to get bitcoin, it is produced by a chipset company called *** in China, but there are a lot of resellers in the market of SEG plaza in Shenzhen Huaqiang North area.

Bitmain is the second largest IC manufacturer in China, as you know HiSilicon is No.1 IC company in China.


Where exactly can I buy the miner and GPU’s?


As you know SEG is famous for its marketplace for the resellers to sell their electronics product worldwide, many sellers speak English, but some of them don’t speak English.

As you know the marketplaces have been shrinking because a lot of consumers are used to buy gadgets online, however for Bitcoin miners, people are afraid to buy online, they need to know how to use it and they need customer service and support, it is still better to buy in a physical shop.


These sellers are located on the 4th and the 5th floor of the SEG plaza building.


Here are some of the booth numbers and contact phone numbers.




















Big News About Huaqiangbei

Huaqiangbei is also written in Huaqiang North.

It has been an area where so many electronics markets are located.

Now it is transforming to a special tourist place. Why?


Where do we get this news?

From the official website of Futian government.


It says that the local government of Huaqiang Bei, as well as the tourism administration of Shenzhen and Economic Development department of Futian District, want to change it to a national AAA tourist attraction which is the only national tourist attraction (scenic spots) in Futian District.


Huaqiangbei is a big name in Shenzhen, when tourist guys are talking about Shenzhen, Huaqiangbei is a name that is mentioned a lot of times, that is one of the reasons why they want to put it as a tourist place.


Shenzhen is considered to be the “China Silicone Valley”, a lot of electronic companies are set up here, in the past the online trading was still not so popular, the factories of these phones and gadgets need to sell, and Huaqiangbei is an important place for them to sell their products, but nowadays, people are used to shop online, they don’t need to come to Huaqiangbei to buy their gadgets, so the markets are shrinking, and the rent of the booths are getting cheaper and cheaper.


Is it possible for Huaqiang Bei to be a place to attract tourists to come?

The street of Huaqiang Bei had been under construction of subway stations for the last 3 years, and it is re-opened again, it is much nicer than before.

Take a quick look of Huaqiang Noth Street.



Why do I want to go to Huaqiang Bei?


A lot of Chinese people are searching their items online, however, before they make a purchase decision, they want to see and feel the item. So still they want to come to Huaqiang Bei even if they don’t want to buy but they just need to feel it. There are so many exhibition booths and shop here that demonstrate the items they sell, when people go home they buy online, because this is becoming a showroom only, you still buy online.

After that, there are a lof of shopping mall for consumers behind the Huaqiang North street, there are shopping malls like 9 Squre, Maoye, and so on. Many years ago, people go to the shopping mall to get their grocery, but nowadays they go to the shopping mall for food and entertainment, as well as healthcare, education, and movie theater.


Restaurants are everywhere, there are thousands of small and huge restaurants here near Huaqiang Street, different types of restaurants from different provinces of China and different countries all over the world for different taste flavor of different people.


Traffic is easy here, more and more new office and shopping mall buildings are built and being built here, plenty of parking space for you, but still you want to take the metro to get there because they are 4 subways line passing this small street, 4 metro stations are here too, it is very convenient to get here by subway.



What is new in HuaqiangBei front street

Huaqiangbei is originally started with electronic component and part trading from 1980s and 1990s, and then consumer products like DVD players, MP3 players, Desktop computers and parts were also being sold very well in late 1990 and early 2000, and then traditional cell phones were sold here, Nokia were very popular here, and then copy Nokia and some Shanzhai(copy) phones were the dominated business here, before the online shopping became popular, Huaqiangbei had been the hub between the manufacturers and distributors.

And now Taobao/T-Mall, DJ.com are the major players in the online business, and a lot of people don’t need to come to Huaqiangbei for shopping, then how can Huaqiangbei still be in business?


There are still things that you can’t just buy online, you can’t eat online, you can’t fix your phones online, so Huaqiangbei becomes a food and repair street.


Repair in Chinese’s symbols (characters) is “维修”, you can see a lot of these symbols when you come to Huaqiangbei. Any one of the pictures below has more than 12 pieces of “Repair”, some can be up to 30 pieces of “维修”



cell phone repair center 4Cell phone repair center 1Cell phone repair center 2cell phone repair center 3


What I am trying to sell is that there is nothing that can make money with, only cell phone repair is some kind of business that is still helping Huaqiangbei to survive, because Huaqiangbei still attracts a lot of people especially the tourists from China and overseas, and it is well known that you can fix your phone/computer/camera here, it is not only about the repair centers here, but more importantly, there are a lot of spare parts available here, you can get your phone fixed very quick in a good price.

Since there are more and more people competing in the repair business, it becomes very difficult for them to survide now. Unless there are some new invovations coming to the market, Huaqiangbei will be more and more difficult.

The best place in Shenzhen for 3D printing

If you ever come to Huaqiang Bei Shenzhen, you will see a lot of electronics markets. And a lot of the markets are built just for the makers like you who design things, build gadgets, and so on. However, from my obversation over the last 10 years, I can see that this business for the parts and components is dying from Huaqiang Bei, it does not mean that there are less and less makers, in fact, there are more and more makers that come to Shenzhen, but a lot of them are just buying parts from Taobao.com,

Since 2013, more and more 3D printers come to the market, some of them build nice shop in new Huaqiang Markets, and they show you what they can print.


The picture above show you what a 3D printer can do, print a bra.

For overseas makers, you want to see what is available and you can grab the parts right away and go back to your hotel or office for testing to verify your idea or to test the parts and if the parts are not good you can just go back to get a replace one, however if you get the parts online, you need to wait, it might be a little cheaper on Taobao but you will waste your time on the developping process.




Here is an interesting video that you might like on Youtube.


Kingii Wearable Saves you from Drowning by its inflatable airbag

I believe that the original design is from Kingii, but right now in the markets of Shenzhen gadgets, these floatation devices for swimmers are available to purchase.


When you compare the prices on Amazon, you will find that it is from 50 to 80 USD but in the market it is only 15 USD in cost.


This is very important for swimming beginners to wear it like a wristband, when you are in touble, you can just activate it and the gasbag will inflat and you will float up and be rescured by yourself.


The problem with this device is that it is almost impossible to ship the cartridge that have CO2






You can also see how it works from a Youtube video


Shenzhen Huaqiang North: Growing pains of China Electronics First Street

Shenzhen Huaqiang North: Growing pains of China Electronics First Street


Shenzhen Huaqiang North, China Electronics First Street, is undergoing a transformation and upgrading pains.

As the largest distribution center of electronic products in Asia, it repeatedly suffered profits decline, empty shop tide, flow reduction because of road blocking or closures and other crises in recent years. According to the informations to the media revealed from Lin Weidong, director of Huaqiang North institute, Futian branch, Shenzhen market supervision administration in 2015, the lowest rental rate of some of Shopping Mall in the region even dropped to 30%. But in the heyday of the Huaqiang North, it was once “hard to find a shop”.

Except the crisis, Huaqiang North also experienced various baptism such as e-commerce impact, intellectual propert enhancement and city upgrading. All these make it’s old development pattern facing transformation.

However, it’s also a place of great vitality. On the Pearl River delta 2.0 Forum in Shenzhen and Hongkong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture at the beginning of this year, Chen Yanping, dean of architecture and city planning college of Shenzhen University, said that the planning in Huaqiang North constantly compromise and concessions, and by means of the government and the market cooperate, something new will be always to enter Huaqiang North.


Efforts to move from the downstream to upstream

On the China electronic information Expo in this year, Ma Xingrui, Shenzhen municipal Party committee secretary, introduced that Shenzhen electronic information industry accounted for nearly one-sixth of the country’s output value in 2015.

The predecessor of Huaqiang North is Shenzhen Shangbu Industrial Zone. Li Xiaojiang, Former president of China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, said that space like this not only in the city center but also low-cost, is the source and soil of urban innovation. In the new round of development in China, we should try to retain such space.

At the tenth China HI-TECH Fair in 2008, Huaqiang North has won the title of “China Electronics First Street”, where the mobile phone is one of the important industries. Reporter in Twenty-first Century Economic News recently quoted the introduction of industry Association of Shenzhen, said the mobile phone shipments of Huaqiang North up to more than 100 million per year, and the shipments to domestic market accounted for ten to twenty percent of the country.

In addition, for creative teams from all over the world, rich categories of electronic components makes Huaqiang North almost become synonymous with “hardware paradise”, and this has also become a natural advantage of current attracting many of hardware entrepreneurs in Shenzhen.

However, the old model of Huaqiang North has been in trouble. Recently, the reporter visited the Huaqiang North area. In some markets, the sight was still crowded and cluttered. Such as the counter was littered with all kinds of electronic accessories, and some shops and counters posted notices for lease.

The challenge for Huaqiang North right now is how to move “from downstream to upstream”. An objective fact is that Huaqiang North has not completely get rid of the “low-end” store image. A market manager told the Twenty-first Century Economic News reporter, that the old mobile phone recycling businesses he knows have been having fewer and fewer customers, and the profit of per unit have been reduced to even only 20 yuan.


Behind the transformation: the industrial chain remains

Wang Xiaofei, the general manager of Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic World Co., Ltd, said that in the face of economic downturn, e-commerce impact, road closures which because of subway construction and other heavy attack, rental rates and rental prices are falling, and the transformation of Huaqiang North is more of a forced move.

Whether it is because of the decline of traditional stores on account of the internet impact, or to conform to the development upgrade of the whole city of Shenzhen, the transformation of Huaqiang Northis is a necessity of the times.

However, Wang Ning, the vice president of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, stressed that the transformation should not be become “transferring job”, the transformation of Huaqiang North should be a upgrade of trade way.


· Liu Zhiyong, vice deputy head of Futian District, Shenzhen, said that Huaqiang North is not just a place to sell things, but also an industrial circle and a distribution center where can contact production and sales, and many businesses and electronic components manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta has formed a very closed relationship. Liu Zhiyong also said that“E-commerce can never replace industrial manufacturing, the capacity of industrial manufacturing is the unique advantages that Huaqiang North should keep.”