Blu-Ray/ DVD box

Here a a true manufacturer that produces and sells blank disc with customized printing and packaging.




Dual disc in one package.

Dimensions: 170mm*135mm*10mm

The weight for a package of 100 units is around 6 KG.

Single disc in a package 172 X 135 X 7MM, 40 grams

200 units in a carton for 8 KG




This manufacturer also helps you burn your data onto the disc and make your own printing on the disc.

All you need for a disc, please let us know, we will try to find a solution for you.

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Interpreting is what we are doing

Interpreting plays an important role in our international business.

We’re a interpreting and sourcing company that we help lots of foreign people who wants to do business with Chinese people because of language barrier. Besides the knowledge of electronics, a good communication is also very important in business.

Most of our clients are from USA ,UK, Eupore countries such as Gremany, Greece, Czech, The Netherlands, etc. We are helping lots foreign people who wants to deal with electronics, some of them own phone repair shops.

Shenzhen Huaqiangbei has the biggest electronic markets in China. It attracts more and more foreign people comes from all over the world to China to source electronic products. These wholesale markets have the different grade quality products, however, prices are different. Sometimes you’re easily to be scammed by wholesalers if you’re not familiar with these markets. Wholesalers often show you fake product and they tell you it’s original. Maybe you have not enough time to stay in Shenzhen, it’s necessary that need to have a efficient sourcing. It’s a good time to hire a local guy who speaks good English and Chinese, especially the guy has good experience in electronics and good negotiation skills.

 The photo followed is taken with one of our US client.



Kindly please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problem and help.

Shenzhen is an international makers’ center

There are so many supply chains and resources for markers in Shenzhen China. The requirements and demands from makers are also the enconomic engines for Shenzhen.

Huaqiangbei is one of the most important areas for makers, here you can find many parts and components in stock and you can get them immediately, by “immediately”I mean 2 to 20 minutes, the lead time is very important for prototyping, and the makers need to do so many experiments before the product is finalized, lead time for parts is very important for product development process, if you are an maker, I am sure that you know this better than we do, and secondly, most of the parts you need are from a small place, you will be able to talk to 20 to 30 different suppliers in one day. Most of the suppliers have some presence (booth or office) in Huaqiang Bei, and their factories might be quite far from here, because Huaqiang bei is very crowded, the space here is too expensive for a factory, and their factories need to be located 1 to 2 hour drive from the city area.

Nowadays, Huaqiangbei is still very good in business, and online Huaqiang bei seems to be very important too, and a lot of makers will go to Taobao to see what they need as well, and it takes one or two days before you can get it.

There are also many plastic and sheet metal factories in the surban areas of Shenzhen, as well as PCB and PCBA houses, the packaging and printing services are also available and easy to get.

Where are the markers located in Shenzhen? They are everywhere in Shenzhen, but the density of Shenzhen markers in Chegongmiao(Cyber Park) and High Tech Park is very high.

How can the makers get paid by the hard work they do?

There are so many trading companies in Shenzhen who can produce and sell your products to other cities in Shenzhen or oveaseas market, we call these trading companies “integrators” they take your design and have the parts manufactured in a large scale, and assemble and test the products on their own factory, and most importantly, they have a good team of sales people, your jobs will be well paid off by the PCBA you build for them, and they will call you the “solution companies” from who they can pick a good design for the market.

Why did Shenzhen become a makers’ city, one of the reasons is that Shenzhen a city of immigrants, many wel-educated persons like the ones with PHD will come to Shenzhen for jobs, it is quite easy for R&D companies to hire talent people here.

What are we doing here?

We are helping the international makers from the English-speaking countries take the advantages of Shenzhen Makers’ resources and supply chains here in Huaqiang Bei, Shenzhen China. There are many young people who speak good English come to Shenzhen for jobs, and we just train them with some techincal knowledges and they can help you a lot.


Market Introduction

Huaqiangbei is the place that there’re many electronic markets located in. In these markets, you can source a variety of electronic products such as phone, phone accessories, computer, LED, etc, especially, you can buy lots of refurbished moblie phones. Let me introduce these markets one by one.

1, New Huaqiang Market(LED International Purchasing Center): This is a LED products staple, it besides Huaqiang Plaza Hotel. There’re various lamps here. Most popular lamp products are ceiling lamps, down lamps, tunnel lamps and so on. These lamps are all used in homes, public places, streets, industry, and you can see them everywhere.

Photos are as below:





2, SEG Communication Market: cover cases, chargers, usb cables.

3, Yuanwang Digital Market: mobile phone selling market.

4, SEG Electronic Market: computer and component products, tablets, such as HP, Acer, ASUS, Samsung, Dell…

5, Longsheng/Tongtiandi mobilephone Market: phone and accessories. Batteries, flex cables, USB chargers, LCD displays, buttons, USB connectors, housings, SIM readers, oca, such as the brands of Apple, Samsung, hTC, LG, Sony, Blackberry, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc, that the popular smartphones we used. There’re different quality, new original, refurbished and high copy, especially, refurbish machine exists.

6, Taixing/ Pangyuan Communication: LCDs, hTC( one, desire…), Sony pads, and all the parts that other markets are selling(Longsheng…).

Here I attached photos of some products that we’re selling.

USB flex cable




SIM slot


Samsung A housing


If you’re interesting in these products, welcome to come here and we will guide you around these markets and help you to find some products.

Please kindly feel free to contact us if any questions.

Product Introduction

About us:

We are a phone accessories export company, the major products we supplied areoriginal replacement of phone screens, batteries, cover cases, chargers, memory cards, either original or copy(according to clients’ requirement), such as brands of Apple, Sum sung, Blackberry, HTC, etc. For instant, antennas, flex cables, battery housing, buttons, SIM lots, speakers, cameras are all provided.

We take the principle of clients first. At present, we’re providing a variety of products to all over the world. Our clients are from different countries, some of these countries are USA, UK, Greece, Germany, African countries. In the meantime, under the market research, more and more products are supplied by our company involved computer components, smartphones. As you know, phone is one of the necessary parts in our daily life. We can use it for communication, watching videos, taking photos, surfing the Internet.

Compared with other companies, we’re more professional and our products are high quality that all will be tested before being shipped out, though we’ll ensure the quality, however, our prices are low, also we have some discount based on the quantities. You can replace them in your phones easily and we’ll provide the online services if you don’t know how to replace them, however, it’s convenient and easy.

Product Presentation:

Here I show some pictures of our products.

Phone screens:

For iPhone 5S



Remark: The above pictures show a full screen, we called it screen assembly, contains touch and LCD screen. The appearance of screens for iPhone 5,5C and 5S is almost the same, but in fact, there’s a little difference among them, here I’m showing a picture to distinguish them.


We can see the obvious difference in the picture, and it shows the difference at the flex cable area exactly.

Phone earpiece:

For iPhone 5S


Remark: It’s a separate part in phone, you can just insert it in your iPhone 5S, do not need to connect with other parts, easily to replace it.



Remark: There’s variety of batteries in the market, every manufacture has its own model number, such as Sony, Apple, etc.

To Clients (FAQ)

Q: How we know your products are well condition?

A: Firstly, you can place a sample order to check the quality, once they’re tested well, you can place more orders, and we’ll ship them according to your requirements.

Q: Can you find another more kinds of products except phone accessories?

A: Yes, of course. When you need other products, just contact us by email or phone call to show the pictures, detailed descriptions, requirements, and then we’ll find them if it possible, then we’ll feedback to you. Almost all our clients credited us back 5 positive feedback for our superior service.

Q: Is there any special quantities or products (MOQ)?

A: Yes, our least order quantity is 10 pieces.

If any problem, please do not hesitate to ask us, we’ll give you support within 24 hours, and please kindly feel free to contact us, thanks and regards.

Xiaomi Note LCD, Moto X+1 LCD, HTC ONE 2 M9 Flex cable


Xiaomi Note LCD display for 460 RMB which is 74 USD as of today in March 18, 2015, original new quality.


Moto X+1 LCD black and white, with or without frame, the price with frame is 1050 RMB which is 169 USD as of today in March 18, 2015


Flex cable for HTC ONE 2 which is also called M9, it is 30 RMB (5 USD) only as of today in Shenzhen China.

Why are there so many foreigners coming to Shenzhen to buy iPhone LCD displays

Why are there so many foreigners coming to Shenzhen to buy iPhone LCD displays, such as iPhone 4G/4S/5G/5S/5C/6G/6+? Why?


In my opinion, there are three main reasons for that.


Firstly, iPhone was assembled in China and Shenzhen is the largest consumer electronic market city in China, so that many iPhone LCD’s come directly from the factories to the Shenzhen market and the price is cheaper than in other cities or countries.


Secondly, a lot of cracked LCD’s of iPhone from other countries are recycled with a cheap price in Shenzhen, then some of them with good LCD and touchscreen will be refurbished with new glasses so that they will be like new ones. The refurbished one not only can work well like a new one, but also the price is lower than completely new one.


Last but not least, as all we know, the Chinese people are good at copying, so that the copy one appears in the market and the price is lower, right now the quality of the copy one is better and better so that it is sold better and better.


Anyway, the cheap price of iPhone LCD displays is attracting tens thousands of foreigners who come to Shenzhen to purchase.

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